She was the sassy, tell it like it is, no nonsense momma from Thornhill, Ontario who spiced up the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house! In this exclusive interview, our Senior Blogger; Rick Cerenzia chats with Ika as she opens up about her overall experience, who she couldn’t stand, who she wants to see win it all, and the now infamous letter shredding incident!

Were you a fan of ‘Big Brother’ before that Canadian debut last year and if so, who have been your favourite alumni to watch?

YES!!!! I’ve been watching Big Brother since season one lol. I loved watching season 3 Danielle Reyes, Dr.will, Dan and Rachelle Reilly. They were all so entertaining and just pure amazing TV.

What was your first impression of the other houseguests when you were all in the family room cheering to the new season? Did anyone stand out, that you knew you had to keep your eye on them?

I did not trust not one of those buggers LOL!! I liked heather the best the first night and I liked Kenny the least. I especially for some reason did not trust Kenny. I actually told myself during the first HOH, that I would want anyone to win except for Kenny.

Did you have game plan before entering the house, and if so, did it change as soon as the game started?

My game plan entering the house was to form an alliance of 4, and to have each of those people like me a little better than the others, so incase I was nominated, they would keep me. The other idea was to pick one or two people who I’m loyal to and just talk game to them. My Game plan didn’t change right away, but it did as the weeks progressed. I quickly realized that I did not like the people I was working with and was looking for a way out.

Who was someone you couldn’t stand in the house, and wanted out as soon as possible?

I couldn’t STAND Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina. UGH!!! Sabrina was so annoying!!! and every time I had a confrontation with her, she would twist my words, lie and then cry. I can’t tell you how many times I felt like throwing her ass in the pool. Nose picking Andrew was vile and condescending, he has a know it all personality and I didn’t give a damn about what he thought he knew! He literally thought he was the landlord of the ‘Big Brother’ house. Kenny and I just didn’t click, I did not care for him, I barely spoke to him and I didn’t trust the guy. Of all the houseguests Kenny and I connected the least.

Adel & Ika have fun in one of the lighter moments in the BBCAN2 house.

Adel & Ika have fun in one of the lighter moments in the BBCAN2 house.

Who was someone who you felt close with in the game, and allowed you to lower your guard and forget about the drama of the game?

ADEL 100%. I love that guy, he will always be my brother for life. I wish I trusted him earlier in the game because we would have taken those houseguests for a ride! I wanted to find someone like that in the game, to ride or die with, but sadly I found him too late.

The girls formed an alliance and partnership fairly quickly, and it seemed for a while that it was guys vs. girls, if you could change the alliances right away, would you have partnered with the girls, or try to make your own alliance with a mix of others?

I would definitely, 100% not have gone with those girls. I would have teamed up with Adel and ran the course with him. I know its a small alliance, but trust me, it’s better to have one true loyal person than 4 shady girls. The first week of being with the girls I knew in my heart it was a big mistake. Between train-wreck Sabrina and her pet Rachelle, I knew I had gotten myself into a mess. The messed up part is, at that time I didn’t know who else to trust and felt I had to stay with them until I could figure things out.

You were very smart in realizing alliances were being formed, and you made it very clear to the girls, specifically Rachelle that it would be in all of your best interests to get certain people out of the house (i.e.: Kenny and Andrew) when you had the opportunity, because they would be then targeting the girls. Why do you she (and the others) didn’t listen to you?

The thing is, I should have made the move on my HOH. But I was thinking that, at week three, it wouldn’t be smart to make myself a huge target through the entire game. So I decided it would be smarter to keep Paul, gain numbers and have the people in my alliance take down the big targets. I didn’t realize I was already such a big target. I was in a faulty alliance, so anything I planned was not going to work. The reason why Rachelle didn’t listen is because she’s Sabrina’s pet and whatever Sabrina says, Rachelle does. Rachelle thought the boys could protect her better than the girls, she just did not believe in the girls enough. Which is sad, because we rocked the HOH competitions and could have crushed the boys.

You had a heart-felt moment with heather and Adel in the backyard building forts, and opened up to Heather apologizing for some harsh words that were said. Why in that moment, did you decide to let that be known?

Heather is actually a cool chick. I actually really liked Heather week one, and I had her back. Sabrina made it her point to run around telling the girls that Heather was saying horrible things about them, and it made me not like Heather and I thought she was fake. Heather did not deserve the mean things I said about her, it had nothing to do with the game and when I’m wrong I can admit it. It was honestly bothering me that I said mean things about/to her. I don’t mind being mean to people who deserve it, but she certainly did not deserve it, and I wanted to let her know that I was sorry.

Ika chooses to shred houseguest letters from home & claims $5,000 in the process.

Ika chooses to shred houseguest letters from home & claims $5,000 in the process.

Can we just say, we loved the moment when you had to choose between giving the house guests letters from home or banking $5.000 for yourself. Not sure if you’ve watched that moment yet, but it seemed as though a lot of the studio audience was on your side, cheering and clapping while shredding the letters. We believe you made the right choice and loved watching it go down! How nerve-wracking was that moment, and what were you feeling as you were shredding the letters one by one?

LOL, can I just tell you that it is the absolute worst feeling to be back-doored!!! I am a fighter and not having the chance the fight for my life in the game absolutely killed me. I was also going around trying to execute ‘plan kiss your ass’, a plan Adel and I came up with to try to be nice to the girls, hoping it would keep me from being back-doored. Plan ‘kiss your ass’ failed! and took my dignity LOL. I gained my dignity back during that letter shredding moment. It was so hard for me, because I love ‘Big Brother’ and I would give anything to stay and fight. I was contemplating keeping the letters in hopes that it will save me, but I realize that there is no way those suckers would keep me, So I went to town on all of them! It felt like therapy! LOL!

After being evicted, Canada was named HOH in the first major twist of the season, If you weren’t on the block and didn’t get evicted, we truly believe you would still be a strong player in the game. If you were still in the house, what is one thing you would do differently?

OH thanks!!! During my HOH, I would have nominated Andrew and Kenny. i would have Teamed up with Adel, Neda and Jon and turn it up in the ‘Big Brother’ house!!! I was already a target in the house so I would have went after them with guns blazing!! You guys would also have lot of fun seeing me and Sabrina go at it lol.

Out of the remaining house guests, who do you think has a good shot in making it to the end, and possibly winning the entire game?

I hope Adel makes it to the end and win LOL. I am not a fan of Allison but I think she has a good chance, and if Arlie leaves this week, then Jon has a good chance as well.

Ika sits on the block, moments before being evicted from the BBCAN2 house.

Ika sits on the block, moments before being evicted from the BBCAN2 house.

Canada is better now that our lives have all been Ika-fied! If ‘Big Brother Canada’ comes calling down the line and asks you to compete in an All-Stars edition. Would you have any hesitation to enter the house again?

I would never hesitate!!! I love this game and I feel like I left when I was just getting started to go hard. Such a dream come true to be apart of this experience, and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Now that your out of the house, and Canada can’t get Ika-fied on a weekly basis, how can your fans keep in contact with you and get their regular dose of Ika? (Twitter? Facebook?)

YES!!! Fans can still get Ika-fied if they follow me on twitter!!! @BBcanIKa

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