It was just a couple of days ago when ‘Big Brother’ host Julie Chen took us on a tour of the newly revamped ‘Big Brother’ house, and today there was more news from the hit reality show. CBS unveiled the sixteen lucky contestants that will call the wacky-reality show house home for almost three months (depending on when they are evicted of course).

This group of brand new house guests are quite possibly the youngest in recent memory. The oldest cast members are just over thirty, with the rest being in their early to mid twenties. As well, as the house guests being unveiled, we now know one of the twists for the game this summer. ‘Big Brother 15’ will see a an MVP (“Most Valuable Player”) which will be voted on by America throughout the summer. Before the show even starts, America gets to choose the show’s first MVP based on their strategy on playing the game based on the house guest’s bios. The first MVP of the season will be unveiled on the season premiere episode; Wednesday, June 26th 8/7C.

Get to know the ‘Big Brother 15’ house guests in the gallery below, and don’t forget to vote for who you want to be the show’s first MVP and read  each cast members complete bio/strategy on the CBS ‘Big Brother’ Official Website!

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