‘Big Brother Canada’ super fan Arlie was evicted in a unanimous vote, but he wasn’t the only one to earn jury power. In the latest #TwistosTwist, Arisa Cox revealed that Canada will sit on this season’s jury, casting a vote for who should win the grand prize.

Upon his exit from the house, Arlie stated, “I can’t tell exactly where my demise was. I started being able to tell that people could see through it so I thought maybe a little bit more modesty might buy some good grace. It’s really hard to judge what people can tell in there. It’s a tough game.”

Arlie leaves the #BBCAN2 house after a unanimous 5-0 eviction. Photo by: Mark O'Neil

Arlie leaves the #BBCAN2 house after a unanimous 5-0 eviction. Photo by: Mark O’Neil

Following last week’s double eviction, the houseguests stepped up their game and put forth an epic week of power plays in the Big Brother Canada house. As HOH, Jon nominated Rachelle and Sabrina for eviction, setting the groundwork to backdoor one of the stronger competitors in the house.

Adel used his secret power to take Allison out of the POV, putting himself in the competition instead. Jon went on to win the POV, used it on Rachelle, and named Arlie as the replacement nominee. In a shocking power play, Allison used her secret POV to take Sabrina off the block, forcing Jon to name a new nominee. Adel then found himself side-by-side with Arlie on this week’s chopping block. We can’t recall any time in history (during ‘Big Brother’ US) where BOTH, houseguests up for eviction, were saved by a POV – let alone a secret new POV! This was definitely a ceremony for the ages, and will easily go down as one of the biggest shocking moments in ‘Big Brother’ history!

Girl power reigned as Allison, Heather, Neda, Rachelle, and Sabrina evicted the 25-year-old from Claremont, Ontario in a 5-0 vote before Neda claimed her second HOH win. In another Big Brother curveball, Neda was immediately called to the Diary Room, blindfolded, and whisked away to the Secret Room before the episode ended, alluding to a wild ride in the next episode.

What do you think might happen on Sunday’s episode? Is Neda called to the secret room for a strategy session with ‘Big Brother’ Season One’s Emmet and winner Jillian? Tune into Slice, Sunday 9PM EST for what will undeniably be a surprising and entertaining show!

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