Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull

The boys are back! Kings Of Leon released their newest studio album ‘Mechanical Bull’ this past September, and recently have debuted the video for their newest single off the album.

The track is called “Beautiful War” and the video sees two brothers get into an argument which leads to the other brother accidentally killing the other. Sound confusing or jus plain weird? Let us break it down for you.

– Brother 1 (let’s call him “Beard Bro”) takes GF out to a pub/saloon

– Brother 2 (let’s call him “Smooth Face Bro”) seems to like Beard Bro’s girlfriend

– The girlfriend sees her boyfriend “Beard Bro” flirting, touching and ordering drinks for a girl. The girlfriend doesn’t like this, and pulls “Smooth Face Bro” over to the Mechanical Bull in the bar, where he starts the machine as she jumps on the mechanical bull and begins to ride

– “Beard Bro” sees this, and gets mad at “Smooth Face Bro”, and the two take it outside, where they get into a fist fight. It’s not long before “Beard Bro” over powers “Smooth Face Bro”, repeatedly punching him, to the point where he is killed.

– “Beard Bro” gets taken away to prison, where we see him riding a live bull with the girlfriend watching from the stands. After successfully riding the bull, he launches over to the girlfriend watching in the stands and says “I’m Sorry” and it seems as though the girlfriend forgives him.

Don’t get us wrong, the cinematography is great and so is the track, but the story line for this video, is a bit odd. We’ll let you be the judge. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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