BBCANBanner2013 marked the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada’ on Slice TV, and just as the US version’s motto states: “Expect the Unexpected” – that is exactly what viewers and fans of the show were treated to throughout the entire season. ‘Big Brother Canada’ was a season full of twists, drama and entertainment! Whether it was luxury competitions, “Have Not” challenges, or just back stabbing and scheming, which is just another regular day in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house, the inaugural season was a smash hit.

Our Chief Blogger; Rick Cerenzia had the privilege to pick the brain of some of this years house guests (don’t worry, the list is still growing) to get their insights on the season, the over-all game, their individual game play, what they hated, what they loved and much more! Check out the exclusive interviews below:


He was the “old man/vampire-like” house guest from Halifax, Nova Scotia who was part of the infamous “East Coast Alliance”, won two HOH and two POV competitions, and played one of the best social games in “Big Brother’ history; we’re talking about Nova Scotia’s own; Andrew!

In this exclusive interview Andrew opens up about his time in the house, who he was happy to see leave the house, having his twin pay him a visit when he couldn’t even move/talk, his thoughts on the now infamous “Finale Night Incident” and his thoughts on the ‘Big Brother Canada’ winner; Jillian.


He was the Social Psychology student from Vancouver who had co-created one of the most memorable alliances in ‘Big Brother’ history known as “The Sheyld”, had a well documented “showmance” (or “no-mance” if you ask him) with the lovely Topaz all while still winning a very important Power of Veto and Head of Household! We’re talking about none other than Alec!

In this exclusive, no holds barred, candid and in-depth interview, Alec opens up about his game play, the show and production, his alliance with Peter, the now infamous “shower incident”, how he believes the game would have been different with one simple move, Jillian and Emmet and his thoughts on his house guests, including ‘Big Brother’ US alumni!


She was the little girl from Edmonton with a bigger than life personality in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house. Whether it was drunken nights, war of words with other house guests or mini-meltdowns, it seemed like Canada couldn’t get enough of the little firecracker; Talla.

In this exclusive interview Talla opens up about her time in the house, her favourite moment in the game, who got on her nerves, her “attraction” to Topaz, what she believes was the biggest mistake made throughout her game play and of course, all the drama that went down on finale night.

BBCAN PETER In this ‘Big Brother Canada’ House Guest interview, we’ll be talking to the wrestling loving, somewhat diary room yelling, and masterminding co-founder member of “The Sheyld”; Peter!

In this exclusive interview, Peter let’s us in on his strategy of playing the game, who he would have trusted besides Alec, which alliance he felt could have run the entire game, being compared to ‘Big Brother’ royalty Chill-Town, and of course his infamous comments to Jillian on finale night.

'Big Brother Canada': Tom

‘Big Brother Canada’ fans knew him as the somewhat tough and arrogant member of Cuatro (the only remaining alliance from the show’s debut), the hot-tempered jock and the man whose showmance seemed to get in the way of his game. In this exclusive interview, Tom opens up about his life inside the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house, the reasoning why he believed he was voted out, his famous feud with Suzette, the “shower incident” and who he wants to see take home the grand prize.

BBCAN Suzette

‘Big Brother Canada’ fans know her as the show’s resident mom, who in the first episode of the show, answered a phone call, which ultimately set the course for the rest of her game play. In this candid interview, Suzette opens up about life in the house, who the one person was she could trust in the game, her feud with Tom, why she believes she was such a big target in the house since the very beginning and who she wants to see win the grand prize.


We’re talking to the ‘Big Brother Canada’ resident snow bunny; Liza. In this candid interview, Liza opens up about life inside the famous reality TV show house, what her downfall in the game was, a masterminded plan she and Peter were working on prior to her eviction, her true thoughts about Tom and who she thinks has what it takes to win it all!


‘Big Brother Canada’ debuted on Slice TV in late February to huge ratings. No surprise there as Canadian viewers make up the majority of viewing audience for the US hit reality show. Our Chief Blogger Rick Cerenzia was able to pick the brain of the third evicted ‘Big Brother Canada’ house guest; Aneal. In this exclusive interview, Aneal lets us in on life inside the hit reality TV show house, who he couldn’t stand, a secret alliance he had with another house guest and who he thinks will win the inaugural season and take home the grand prize.

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