He was the “old man/vampire-like” house guest from Halifax, Nova Scotia who was part of the infamous “East Coast Alliance”, won two HOH and two POV competitions, and played one of the best social games in “Big Brother’ history; we’re talking about Nova Scotia’s own; Andrew!

In this exclusive interview Andrew opens up about his time in the house, who he was happy to see leave the house, having his twin pay him a visit when he couldn’t even move/talk, his thoughts on the now infamous “Finale Night Incident” and his thoughts on the ‘Big Brother Canada’ winner; Jillian.

Congrats on being chosen for the historic inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’! How was the auditioning process like for you? (Nerve wracking, fun, exciting? etc)

The Auditioning process was a lot of fun but, sadly I can’t really talk about it but, it was everything you said and more.

Were you a fan of ‘Big Brother’ (US Version) before applying and if so, which house guests did you love to watch?

I started watching ‘Big Brother’ (US) right from season 2 and I was a huge fan up to season 6 (I moved back to Germany so I couldn’t watch) and then again a couple of years later. I really loved past house guests that played hard and were not so sneaky. Of course there will be a certain amount of lying but, being yourself means a lot of honesty as well. I really enjoyed watching Jeff Schroeder from season 11 and Frank Eudy from season 14. I feel like we played similar games by building a great social game while also being big physical threats able to win comps but, also win people over using our personalities.

Andrew dons Big Brother Canada's curling attire. There's no outfit too ridiculous in the 'Big Brother Canada' house.

Andrew dons Big Brother Canada’s curling attire. There’s no outfit too ridiculous in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house.

Did you have a strategy before entering the house and if so, did it change at all?

The only strategy going into the house was to try to befriend everyone to have a great social game. I knew I would never throw any comps so I also wanted to win and have power to make moves. I’ve never liked the strategy of trying not to be noticed and floating by. So, really I never had a concrete strategy to do this or do that, I wanted to be myself and play off of the other house guests because they really are the people who were going to form my strategy.

When you first entered the house and everybody was going around the circle in the family room talking about themselves, did anybody stand out instantly as somebody you thought you could work well with?

That early in the game I never thought about who I could work with. I think at that point I was focusing on the competitors that would be tough to beat or just people I wouldn’t be able to live with. I saw Emmett immediately as someone who would be a massive physical threat. He was wearing a cowboy hat for God’s sake and is a farm boy! And Tom was also a fire fighter who obviously loved lifting weights and I could tell right away he’d probably not be my best friend.

Was there anybody in the house that got on your nerves and were relieved/happy to see walk out the door?

Once Tom left I was happy. His ego was way too big for his own good! He could win comps but, he never scared me that way. You have to believe you can beat anyone in any comp. I targeted Gary during my second HOH because he was a threat to win a few comps but, also because he wasn’t anyone’s first choice for someone you wanted as a roommate! Not that any of the people were but, lets just say I’m sure we all ingested quite a bit of glitter before he was evicted.

Andrew competes alongside Emmet in a very important HOH competition.

Andrew competes alongside Emmet in a very important HOH competition.

You and AJ formed a tight bond in the house. What were some of the things you both had in common that maybe viewers weren’t able to see watching at home?

AJ was my man because of a couple of reasons: He was the only other guy in his thirties and the other guy with no chance at a showmance! He was quite useless in the kitchen so I used to cook him a few steaks and some pasta. It was a true man-mance. The major reason we got along so well had to be our mutual love of sports. He and I are both huge NFL fans as well as the NBA. So we would talk for hours about it and debate many things. It really helps pass the time…. the other great thing with AJ was that we could rant to each other about everyone else! Certain people really get on your nerves and you need a sounding board just to relieve some pressure. AJ talked me down almost everyday to keep me from self evicting!

Out of the cast, you were the oldest (along with Suzette) at times did you feel as though it was hard to have really close bonds with others in the house because of the age gap?

I did find it difficult at times to have really close bonds with people but, I never felt it was an age thing because later on Emmett and I did become quite close but, it didn’t happen right away. I think the only issue with age was from me. I had a complex about it and I complained about it too much at the beginning. It was one of my big fears going into the house that I’d be the old guy. Alec called me out on it because I kept moaning about it. I think that because of this, some people were annoyed and that may have hindered my ability to form close bonds or even developing an alliance earlier on in the game.

During the “Freeze” competition, we saw your twin brother come into the house, say some motivational words to you. As a twin myself, I could only imagine how hard that must have been not to hug him or talk to him. What was going through your mind when you first saw him walk down the front steps and into the house?

I was very focused on the task we were participating in so to see Pete come through the doors obviously threw me. I almost lost my breath and I really wished I wasn’t in a freeze position but, at the same time I knew I wouldn’t break. I knew what I signed up for and that there would be some crazy things to deal with. The other big thing that kept me from moving was that I knew if I moved we’d have been unsuccessful in the task and I thought Pete was only the first of everyone’s family member to come in the house. Little did I know he’d be the only one! But, because I didn’t break the freeze everyone was able to talk to their family via video call. That’s a pretty sweet reward and that scene with Pete made for some amazing TV!

Andrew hams it up for the HOH camera, biting into the competition; playing along with his vampire alter-ego.

Andrew hams it up for the HOH camera, biting into the competition; playing along with his vampire alter-ego.

There were many hilarious and entertaining moments in the house, including a game of ‘Spin the Bottle’ where you shared some passionate kisses with your house guests. Was it easy to be entertained in the house or is game play always on the mind?

I found it quite easy to be entertained in the house. Lucky for me I could take my mind off the game quite easily and enjoy conversations, the pool/hot tub, any sports we played and definitely any night were we could have a few jars! Once the HOH and POV were done we all pretty much knew what was going to happen so if you were safe, as I was for a long time, you could just chill and do what you wanted. I was never one of the ones to just be all about game. I’d go more nuts than I already am!

You won a competition to watch an advanced screening of “Evil Dead” with Jillian and Talla. How far were you into the movie until you regretted choosing Talla to watch it with you and how bad were your ears bleeding afterwards? (P.S: This might have been the funniest moment of the entire season).

I thought it was pretty funny as well but, I never regretted taking Talla. It was a no brainer to take two girls (who I was in an alliance with) over “The Sheyld”. Or maybe I should have taken Gary and Topaz! Maybe not! I knew I’d be scared of the movie (I’m a romantic comedy guy!) so I knew Talla would be freaking the whole time and she’d take my mind off the horror on the screen. I do wish I had taken a pair of earplugs with me. She certainly is a screamer!

Andrew tries to get some R&R and mentally escape the game, laying on the hammock in the backyard.

Andrew tries to get some R&R and mentally escape the game, laying on the hammock in the backyard.

One of the biggest twists of the game was Gary being evicted back into the house. From a viewers stand point, in makes for great TV. However, it pretty much set your game back. How hard was it to regroup after Gary came back in and do you believe that was ultimately what lead to you going home?

Once we made it to the final 4 and we heard someone was coming back into the house, it really didn’t matter to me that it was Gary. I didn’t want anyone to return. You’re in the house to get people out, not to bring them back. I think we were all pretty rattled at that point as final 4 is a big deal to make it to. We just spent a difficult week getting Peter out and I felt pretty high after his eviction but, then when Gary came back I came crashing back to earth. I know Emmett and Jillian didn’t want him back and once he won the Veto they made the decision to get rid of me as I was a much bigger threat than Talla. The ultimate thing that led to me going home was that I didn’t win the Veto. If Gary wasn’t’ there I’d have had a much better chance to win it but, If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle!! 

You were evicted by a vote of 2-0, with your alliance of Jillian and Emmett pretty much stabbing you in the back. Do you feel as though Emmett had more of a say in you going home than Jillian?

I had a final two deal with Jillian so of course she would have preferred to keep me as it was better for her game. Imagine her going to the final 3 with Emmett and I, she’d be guaranteed final two as we both would have taken her. Emmett had the final say if there would have been a tie as Gary was definitely going to vote me out so Jillian had to go with him for fear of pissing off Talla as perhaps another person that would take her to final two! Emmett knew I could beat him in comps and also potentially in a final two that I’d never take him to. He had to get rid of me…. He just should have waited until final three because his decision came back to bite him as Gary never took him either. IF I was in the final 4 I’d have a much better chance to beat Gary than Talla every did.

You were definitely a big threat in the house, having both a terrific social game and physical game. Do you believe this is why Emmett saw you as his biggest threat?

Out of the remaining 4 people I feel like I was definitely Emmett’s biggest competition. We are both ultra competitive and both won comps. I had great relationships with most people in the jury and he knew that. (Gary also told him that as he spent time in the jury). He knew I’d take Jill over him as I knew that we’d have a bitter jury (The Sheyld) that were mad at her for getting them out (that’s the game!)
Sometimes it sucks but, ‘Big Brother’ is all about getting people out who you think you can’t beat. And he knew he’d have a hard time beating me.

Host Arisa Cox gets Andrews thoughts seconds after being evicted from the 'Big Brother Canada' house.

Host Arisa Cox gets Andrews thoughts seconds after being evicted from the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house.

Of course, there was some drama that went down during the live finale. What was going through your mind when Arisa announced that Topaz had voted for Jillian to win and not her “bestie” Gary?

I was very happy that I wasn’t in Topaz’ shoes. It’s easy to make mistakes when you are nervous but, it was a pretty basic task to put one of two keys into your slot!! So I really believe it was karma. The bitter jury (Peter.Alec and Topaz – along with a coerced stooge, AJ) were voting not for who they should win but, instead against someone who ended their dreams of winning. Some players claim to be these amazing gamers who know it all and pride themselves on being very manipulative and able to control the vote and most everything in the house. The reality is they are just bitter players who wish they could have pulled the same moves as Jillian. She was just quicker on the trigger and got them before they could get her. If Jillian was in the diary room acting the fool a la Peter saying how she fooled everyone and lied the whole way through she’d be know as the greatest of all time but, instead to these Yahoos, she’s just a girl who won some comps. These comps give you power and power gets people out!!

Lastly, years from now if ‘Big Brother Canada’ has an All-Stars edition and calls you up, would you have any reservations on entering the house?

I’d have to think long and hard about doing it again but, that is because it is still so fresh. It is very draining emotionally. The fact you are cut off from the outside world is hard enough but, the major issue is living with fourteen other crazy people who you want to tell off every two minutes but, you can’t because it’ll ruin your social game!

I’d be a fool to not take any opportunity to go for it again…. who doesn’t want a 1 in 15 chance of winning 100K!! Not to mention all the twitter followers you get! It’s an experience like no other and I’d love another chance to get in there and compete against the best of the best.

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