She was the little girl from Edmonton with a bigger than life personality in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house. Whether it was drunken nights, war of words with other house guests or mini-meltdowns, it seemed like Canada couldn’t get enough of the little firecracker; Talla.

In this exclusive interview Talla opens up about her time in the house, her favourite moment in the game, who got on her nerves, her “attraction” to Topaz, what she believes was the biggest mistake made throughout her game play and of course, all the drama that went down on finale night.

Congratulations on earning a key to the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house! Is it safe to say that there was a lot of screaming when that happened?

Yes there was so much screaming, I’m still screaming!! Can you believe I made it?! 🙂

How would you best put your ‘Big Brother Canada’ experience into words?

The Big Brother experience for me was the CRAZIEST experience ever. Best time of my life ☺

What was the hardest part about living in the house with a group of complete strangers?

The hardest time living with strangers was having to get used to other people’s house “etiquette”, I usually found myself cleaning, and doing more dishes than I’m used to haha!

Who got under your skin the most in the house?

I can’t say that any one got under my skin…I care about each houseguest, and I’m so thankful to have met them all ☺

Was there one special person in the house that you felt extremely close to and could let your guard down when you were with him/her?

There were quite a few I got super close with, like Gary, Topaz, Jillian, A.J., and Andrew.

Was there anybody in the cast that was able to get under your skin easily or just rubbed you the wrong way?

I’m sure my antics got in the way for some, but I enjoyed every minute with each house guest.

Talla hosts her own show "Talking with Talla" as part of a task Marcia The Moose assigned her during the season.

Talla hosts her own show “Talking with Talla” as part of a task Marsha The Moose assigned her during the season.

Talla, you gave Canada many, many, many (did we say many?) memorable moments throughout the entire season. For you, what is one moment that you will always remember?

Day 53, when I got a video message from my family and friends, the Freeze challenge, and day 58, my “Talking with Talla”, and DAY 59, meeting DAN GHEESLING! Love it!

It seemed like you were attracted to Topaz just as much as any other person in the house. LOL. We had fun watching your drunken antics, but are there any that you regret or are you comfortable with all that went down?

HAHA! Topaz and I had lots of fun, but my moment with the “Sass in the Glass Party” where I may have peed in the hot tub, was not my peachiest moment. HAHA!

In your eyes what was the biggest “fail” throughout the season?

The biggest FAIL was Emmett a.k.a the MILKMAN not keeping me to move forward to Final 3. Then Gary did me a favour and voted him out…hahha FAIL ☺

We loved watching you screaming during “The Evil Dead” movie with Jillian and Andrew. How great was it watching the movie and being able to unplug from the game?

I was soooo happy when Andrew picked us, and all I thought was “Oh wow! Andrew has no idea how much he’s going to regret this since his ears are going to bleed for a year” . It felt good for that time to not be BUSY gaming, scheming, plotting, and having a meltdown for a little bit, just a little. As soon as the movie was over, I was like “k… BUSY time for some mayhem”

Some viewers labelled you as a “floater”. To clarify, a floater is someone who latches on to another alliance or person and rides their coat tails until the end, which clearly you didn’t do. Do you believe your likability got you as far as it did in the game?


Talla has a mini-meltdown during a competition now famously known as the “1-9-1-99999 Incident”

That’s interesting you say that, because a floater to me is someone who throws competitions and tries to sneak by and get carried through, I DIDN’T throw anything, no one could have a 1-9-1-99999 situation like I did by floating! I think my personality and my “charm” kept me in, and also aligning with Andrew, Jillian, and Emmett when the perfect time came ☺

How amazing was it to be visited by ‘Big Brother’ Winner and All-Star Dan Gheesling and did that give you a second life in the house?

BEST MOMENT was Dan walking into the door, he was one of the six I was hoping to walk through, think he was like the first I said I was hoping for. Talking with him put some things into perspective for me, and we bonded over playing football (well throwing the ball). I will NEVER forget that day! ☺ Just talking to someone who is, to me, the MAN of ‘Big Brother’ . . . I mean that was EPIC!

You were in the Final Four which is a huge accomplishment, and were very close in possibly being in the final three. Do you believe Emmett made a mistake in voting you out?

Getting as far as I did WITHOUT winning a single competition, and being on the block 4 times back to back, and not winning a POV to save me is out of this world, and YES Emmett should have chosen me. When he said that he was working with Gary from the beginning, I didn’t believe him really, and just thought, he must be out of this world if he thinks he could beat Gary in the Final 2 because Gary would have all the votes. Plus, giving me Dan’s bracelet would NOT have got me to vote for “The Milkman” if it were him in the Final 2 with Jillian or Gary.

Host Arisa Cox picks Talla's brain after being evicted from the house.

Host Arisa Cox picks Talla’s brain after being evicted from the house.

Lastly, we have to ask about the drama that went down during the special live season finale. What was going through your head when you heard host Arisa Cox state that Topaz had voted for Jillian to win?

When Arisa said Topaz had voted for Jillian, all I’m thinking is . . . FAIL TOPAZ!! I asked her if she misunderstood what she was supposed to do, and she said NO, and I’m like, well you should tell people you did, because that was a FAIL! You’re so used to casting your vote to evict people as opposed to someone winning the grand prize, so I feel bad that happened, but everything happens for a reason ☺

What is the best way for fans to stay connected to you now that the show has wrapped?

Well my twitter is @Talla_87, and I will be starting my YouTube channel right away, and I will keep everyone posted, And there is a fan page for me…so tweet me ☺

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