It’s time for another Big Brother Canada evicted house guest interview and this time around, our editor and chief; Rick Cerenzia was able to pick the brain of Big Brother Canada’s resident snow bunny; Liza. In this candid interview, Liza opens up about life inside the famous reality TV show house, what her downfall in the game was, a masterminded plan she and Peter were working on prior to her eviction, her true thoughts about Tom and who she thinks has what it takes to win it all!

Before filling out your application to be a possible contestant for the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’, where you a fan of the US version of the show? 

Absolutely! I’ve been watching Big Brother (US) since Season 2! My favourite Seasons were 6 and 7 (all-stars).

In your introduction video, you stated your intention going into the house was to have fun. Do you believe your intentions were met and/or exceeded?

Of course I had fun! Sure, there is a lot of drama and stress to contend with, but you only get to be a Snow Queen once, so you had better have fun with it!

Who was the person in the house you felt closest to and why?

It’s a toss-up between Tom and Peter; they were my rocks in the house. I deeply trusted and respected them both, and I was honest with both of them (which is rare is that house). I had a very strong emotional connection with Tom, and a deeply intellectual connection with Peter. I was my authentic self with them.

Were there any house guests that got on your nerves and were difficult to live with?

Who didn’t get on my nerves!? Gary is a very BIG personality, and he does not have a ‘off switch’. Neither does Talla; she is such a character. AJ is a very peculiar person, but his weirdness becomes endearing. Topaz… Well… She got on every last one of my nerves. Almost no one cleaned up after themselves! It was like living with children, and I was elected ‘house mother’. I’d bet I spent the majority of my time in that house loading the dishwasher or folding towels.

What was the hardest part about living in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house?

Not being able to trust ANYONE. You always question people’s motives. Even when you are having a personal conversation, you wonder if the facts are fabricated to solicit sympathy. You start to get very paranoid. It’s exhausting.

You were a very strong competitor, do you feel like you might have been playing the game too hard too fast?

I played way too hard way too fast. I just had everyone figured out so fast that I thought I knew how it all should go. So, I started to pull the strings of my puppets, but I didn’t realize their strings were broken (i.e. they were all so weak-minded). I should have laid low for a bit and talked less… but that’s not who I am.

Liza and Peter

Liza and Peter talk strategy during some down time in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house.

If you could have picked one person to be sitting with you as the final two contestants at the finale, who would it be and why?

PETER. It was always Peter for me. He and I are on exactly the same wavelength – intellectually. He and I had the exact same strategy and goals… only he was able to execute the plan better than I was. Peter is the one person I would have been okay losing to, knowing he played a brilliant game. I still hope Peter wins it.

Being part of the first double eviction episode of the season, it must have been hard leaving the house. However, did leaving because of a twist in the game make it a little bit more bearable to walk out the front door?

The twist did not make it bearable at all! The double eviction screwed me! I am not a physical competitor – obviously. Peter and I needed one week in that house to play our mental and social game and push me under the radar. With Tom gone, I would have been “sad and alone” and laid low (for real this time), and Peter would have worked his magic.

What did make it bearable to leave the game was knowing that I was leaving with Tom. Evicting the “Power Couple” is a surprise double eviction was serendipity. I’m happy to be in the real world with Tom and not in the house with those snakes.

You had a very strong relationship with Tom, strong enough for him to confirm a speculated alliance to you. Do you feel being aligned with him is what saw you leaving the house so soon?

It’s impossible to calculate why I left the house; there were so many factors that contributed to my eviction. After watching the episodes and some After Darks, it’s pretty clear that my showmance screwed up my game. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. I was supposed to meet Tom and leave the house with him.

Tom and Liza

Liza gets comfortable with Tom in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house; fuelling their showmance.

What are your thoughts on the whole Tom/Alec shower door situation?

Ridiculous! Tom just pulled a silly college prank. It was not premeditated or meant to hurt Alec the way it did. I was standing in the door frame of the washroom, with a front row view of the incident, and I can assure you I say NOTHING! If I didn’t see of glimpse of Alec’s junk, I can be sure the cameras didn’t. That cry baby blew things way out of proportion.

We saw you at times working with both Peter and Tom. Were both strictly showmances to try to further your game or were there any underlining feelings for either guy?

I went into the game planning to “play all the boys”… but I ended up falling for TWO of them. I connected with each of them on so many levels, and I feel so lucky to have met two extraordinary men. It was all REAL.

If you had the power to rewind and change one thing in the game (besides you being evicted, of course) what would it be and why?

Wow. That’s a great question. Hmmmm…

Strictly on a GAME level, I wouldn’t have linked up with Tom so quickly. I didn’t realize the house saw him as such an alpha male threat; he was so sweet with me. I also would have been more careful with Talla. I adore that girl, but she’s such a floater, who passes information more than gas. I trusted some of the wrong people and talked too damn much. I should have stuck by Peter (only) and did exactly as he said.

You’ve been watching the game since leaving the house. Who do you think has the potential to win the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’?

He’s the only one who deserves it.

Out of the remaining contestants, who do you want to see crowned as the first season winner of ‘Big Brother Canada’ ?

I wouldn’t mind if my girl Talla took it home, but that’s unlikely.
There is no one left in that house that I “want” to see win the game.

Tom & Liza Tattoos

Liza & Tom’s POV tattoos

Lastly, you and Tom recently got matching POV tattoos. Can you fill us in on the story there? Was it on a whim? Planned?

When you say “matching tattoos” it sounds pretty lame. I always knew I was going to get the POV symbol on my left ankle. I already had three tattoos: One I got in Paris (France); One I got in Florence (Italy); and the other I got in Vegas. I always said I would never ever get a tattoo in Canada…  but then the most extraordinary experience of my life is happening not only in my home country but my home city. I told Tom about my tattoo idea and he loved the symbolism of the POV: Always have the power (control) to veto (change) anything in life; to turn a negative into a positive.


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