Before even applying to be on the second season of ‘Big Brother Canada’ were you a fan of the US version of the show and if so, which ‘Big Brother’ alumni did you enjoy watching?
Absolutely! My wife and I began watching the US version the very first season in 2001 when Eddie Mcgee won. I loved chill town, Dan Gheesling, Evil Dick and the Brigade. Also, do you remember Chicken Dan? He was so much fun to watch and all these seasons later people still remember him.‎ My own kids have their favs too! My daughter’s love Rachel and Janelle from the US ‘Big Brother’ and they love Liza and Topaz from last year.

How was the audition process for you? Did you apply for the inaugural season or was this time around your first time applying to be on the show?
I applied last year for season one. I made it to the finals on the first season but let’s just say “timing” wasn’t right for my family (financial obligations, being able to arrange time off work, etc). Being gone for that long is easy when you’re in your twenties, but almost impossible when your in your forties and the main breadwinner. Also, my wife had to be alone with 3 little kids and a whole house to take care of by herself. She also works full-time, so it was a HUGE responsibility to leave her with. Anyone with kids would get that. This year, casting called me back and asked me to audition again and the rest is history. ‎I never got nervous at all during any of the audition processes. I love being in front of a crowd, I thrive on pressure.

What was your first thought when you entered the house, being in the family room, introducing yourself to all the houseguests?
My first thought was “wow, this is a VERY young group.” I knew I was significantly older than all of them. I was surprised they didn’t cast at least one or two people over 40 besides myself. I then thought “wow, these guys are in amazing shape.”

There was quite an age difference between you and the other houseguests. Did you feel that put you at a possible disadvantage? Was it harder to align with them?
Yeah it was a disadvantage. So much of this game is social. There’s 24 hours a day to “hang” out with these people and there’s a huge difference between all these 20-somethings who have no responsibilities at home and can talk about social media, drinking stories, clubbing, etc. and myself. Dude, I didn’t even know what a “hashtag” was before I came into the house! ‎It would be a totally different game if they cast half the house over 40. Very different.

It seemed like you came into the house a little too eager to stir things up. Was it your intention to go into the house with guns blazing or did you really not have a game plan, and just winged it?
Honestly, that was the edit. It wasn’t really how things were in the house. You guys don’t get to see a lot of the things that go on in the house when the feeds are down.‎ You guys also didn’t see the first week we were in the house as the live feeds didn’t go up until day 8! So when you see me “stirring things up” – it was actually a build up of two weeks of me putting up with crap. I’m not a wallflower, I’m not a quiet guy. So, it looked like I tried to stir the pot but I was actually standing up for things I don’t agree with in the real world.


First HOH Competition, entitled "Ice Breaker", Paul outlasts all others.

First HOH Competition, entitled “Ice Breaker”, Paul outlasts all others.

Congrats on winning the very first HOH of the season. Of course, this is the most coveted title of the house, but in winning the very first competition, do you feel it put a big and unnecessary target on your back right from the start?
Yes of course it did. But, someone’s gotta win it! And honestly, there are winners that have won the first HOH and went on to win the game. It is what it is. I love that my HG’s got to see pics of my wife Sandra and my kids. Some people go through the whole game and never when an HOH and they get evicted. At least I got the whole experience: HOH, Slop, playing in VETO, etc.

Speaking of putting a target on yourself. Some heated words were exchanged and you called out some people (particularly Andrew). What was your thought process of labelling yourself as “The Bad Guy” and bringing your game to that extreme level so early on in the game or do you feel that it had to been done due to the way he was carrying himself in the house?
It had to be done. I am way too old and mature and have been through enough than to sit back and keep my mouth shut when bullying and inappropriate name calling, bully, etc is happening around me. ‎Andrew’s true colours have been seen now by all of Canada – look the country nominated him for eviction this week!! The country has all seen what I did the first night in the house. Again, there’s lots of things that you guys don’t see and hear in the house when the feeds are done. In my world, men don’t call women cunts, bitches, whores. I don’t sit back and listen to casual racist jokes and comments. That’s me. Game or not.

Do you feel as though this move, single handedly was the reason as to why you were evicted from the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house?
Yes probably. But if I had done it several weeks into the game, the whole situation would have turned out differently because the HG’s would have been on “my side” rather than Andrews. It’s ok. I’m truly ok with what happened. Twitter has shown me so much support, people come up to me and tell me how they are proud of me, people say that Andrew’s true side has come out and they agree I wasn’t overreacting, etc. This feels so good. I don’t hate anyone, I know the house does things to people and messes with our heads and I don’t want a life long enemy in Andrew. It will be interesting to see what happens when he leaves the house this week (probably) and has to say lots about me…..stay tuned.

During the “Divergent” competition, you faced your fear of heights and battled your way through the obstacle course which included zip lining, wall climbing and so much more. First off, congrats on not allowing your fears to win and facing them head on! As physical as the competition was, how hard was it for you in a mental aspect?
Let me just say, that my fear of heights is 100% real. Not one bit of acting. People have asked me if I was acting. It’s actually a huge phobia of mine. I can’t even stand on ladders at home to change lightbulbs. I can’t do rides at theme parks. I don’t look out the windows at the CN Tower. What stands out for me in that comp was Kyle and Adel motivating me and coaching me to do it. They are stand up guys.‎ Kyle kept saying “come on PJ! You can do it”.


Paul, on the chopping block, before being evicted.

Paul, on the chopping block, before being evicted.

You formed a very tight bond with Adel in the house. Watching the show, we can tell he’s a very loyal person. What was it about Adel that allowed you to be so open and close with him?
When I saw Adel doing his daily prayers, I knew he had a strong self of self and he was someone I could trust. If he swore on his Koran, I knew he meant it. ‎He also reminded me of a little kid brother (I lost my younger brother when I was in my early twenties). We clicked right away. Same with Kyle. He was very similar to me in that he stood up to the bullies in the house (even if it may have cost him the game). I love those 2 so much and I can’t wait to introduce them to my wife Sandra and kids. Sometimes I think it would be so cool to do a radio show with the two of them when this is all done. It would be hilarious. Wouldn’t we be hilarious on ‘Amazing Race Canada’??

If you could go into the house again (besides being evicted), and change one thing, what would it be and why?
Oh man. I wouldn’t make deals and alliances right away. I’d probably just sit back a bit more‎. But as my wife says, i don’t know how to sit back and be quiet!

Not being in the house, watching just like the rest of Canada. Who do you think is playing the best game so far and has one of the best chances of making it far?
Arlie. He is smart. He is nice to everyone. He is kind. People like him. He is also very observant and I think he will start trying to win challenges when the time is right. He was always kind to everyone in the house and I have nothing bad to say about him!

Lastly, who do you want to win it all, take home the prizes and be labelled as the winner of ‘Big Brother Canada: Season 2’?
My boy Adel! Canada loves him and so do i!

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