In one of the most shocking ‘Big Brother Canada’ episodes of the season, Toronto’s Ika Wong was the fourth houseguest sent packing, followed by a jaw-dropping #TWISTOSTWIST where Canada was named this week’s Head of Household.

After winning last week’s HOH, Rachelle nominated “new girl” Allison and second-time nominee, Heather. Allison won the coveted POV – with a little help from her fellow houseguests – and saved herself, leaving Rachelle to nominate Ika as the replacement. Rachelle targeted Ika and placed her on the chopping block after Sabrina advised the yoga enthusiast that Ika was the biggest threat in the house. Of course, Sabrina is in a “First Five” alliance with the boys, which is why Sabrina didn’t target Andrew or Kenny for eviction.

“I thought I was going to win. It is the absolute worst feeling in the world to get backdoored because you can’t fight yourself,” stated Ika.

Prior to the eviction, Ika won “Letters from Home”, a reward-based challenge, and was sent to the backyard to claim her prize. Unbeknownst to her, the houseguests were watching from the living room as she made a nail-biting decision between $5,000 for herself or a letter from home for each of her fellow houseguests. This season of “Big Brother Canada’ has been extremely entertaining and this moment in the house will go down as the most dramatic of the season (so far – of course, the season is still young). She took the cash and shredded the letters one by one. It was extremely entertaining watching this unfold and hearing the live studio audience react to Ika’s one-liners directed to each houseguest before she shredded each person’s respected letter. It seemed as though the studio audience was on Ika’s side. She was on the block and made a choice to walk away with $5,000 guaranteed. To us, she made the right choice. The houseguests are bitter now, but once the game is over, they’ll realize it is all part of the game (at least the smart ones will). Ika was ultimately evicted in an 8-1 vote by the house.

After Ika left the house, the houseguests were sent to an empty backyard where Arisa revealed that there would be no challenge because Big Brother had named Canada this week’s HOH. While the houseguests were picking their jaws up off the ground, voting for this week’s nominees opened online at BigBrotherCanada.ca. Voting closes Friday, March 28 at 10pm ET. Big Brother reveals the house-flipping results Sunday, March 30 at 9pm ET/PT on Slice.

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