This title of the post says it all, and we’re going to tell you why you SHOULD be watching ‘Benched’. It has critics praising the USA Network and will easily be one of this fall’s new TV gems.

The show stars Eliza Coupe (‘Happy Endings’, ‘Scrubs’) as Nina, an attorney who recently loses her job at a high-powered law firm shortly after her fiancé leaves her and is engaged to another woman. She then takes a job at a public defenders office – the only job that’s available to her. What makes the plot more interesting? Her ex-fiancé is the prosecutor she’s up against, who seems to charm his way into winning almost every case.

The show sets up viewers to some pretty hilarious secondary characters, which work at the public defenders office with her. Including Jay Harrington as  (‘Better Off Ted’) as Phil and Oscar Nunez known for his popular role as Oscar Martinez on NBC’s hit show ‘The Office’.

‘Benched’ Official Trailer

We loved the pilot episode of the show. We’ve never laughed harder, especially at what could possibly be the most hilariously awkward opening scene in sitcom history! From the very beginning, it had us hooked. The pilot introduces us to Nina’s ex-fiancé and how he will still be a relevant role to her character, as well as secondary characters at the public defenders office she now works at. To get back to our title of this post as to why you SHOULD be watching; if you’re a fan of smart, quick-whipped humour, with a splash of ridiculous and inappropriateness, then this show is for you.

We’re thrilled to see Eliza Coupe, gain a leading role in her very own sitcom. The actress is extremely talented, and as she has shown in the past with her role as Jane in ABC’s debunked (don’t get us started on it, the wounds still haven’t healed) ‘Happy Endings’, she is a comedic gem and a breath of fresh air in the sitcom landscape. She is extremely talented and deserves as much success as humanly possible. Also, with the show calling USA Network home, we’re sure it will have a long, successful life.

‘Benched’ airs Tuesday nights 10:30/9:30 C on USA Network.

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