TrueBloodReviewArtIt’s very rare when a final episode of a critically acclaimed series can leave the audience with a sense of closure, but that’s exactly what ‘True Blood’ delivered. In every way possible, as the final scened panned out on one of the most original, entertaining and dark (but in the best way possible) shows ever created, you couldn’t help but feel as though the time spent with these characters was well worth it and as the scene faded to black, the audience was left with a sense of closure. Almost like leaving a family member or best friend but knowing they’ll be in a good place. You’re not worried or concerned about them because you know they’ll be alright. With that being said, let’s break down the finale shall we?

The beginning of the episode opened up with Sookie and Bill in her house, going back and forth as to why Bill didn’t feed on Sarah Newlan in order to cure himself of Hep V, which is killing him at an alarming rate. Bill then tells Sookie as to why, pretty much in a way, he wants to be human. He wants a life – including death. Bill wants to be with his family (before he was turned) and asks Sookie to “pull the plug” so to speak – using her fairy powers to kill him.

Hoyt and Jessica kiss moments after being declared husband & wife.

Hoyt and Jessica kiss moments after being declared husband & wife.

Now it wouldn’t be a TV series finale without some sort of wedding – and that’s exactly what fans got (whether they liked it or not). Knowing that he is dying, Bill asks Hoyt if he ever intends to marry Jessica. After some embarrassment, Jessica and Bill talk and she tells Bill how she wants him to walk her down the aisle. Due to the circumstances, Bill may not be around when that day comes – chime the wedding bells, because Jessica and Hoyt decide to get married without any hesitation. Bill also leaves the his estate to Andy Bellefleur but in return he will be renting it out to Jessica and Hoyt for $1 every month. Now some people may seem that a wedding (especially in a series finale) is a cop out, as it’s been done many times before. However, the writers were smart about it, and it made sense with the arch of the story line. Sure a wedding is kind of cliché, but it wasn’t corny and made sense with the completion of the story line.

After a very non-traditional ‘True Blood’ moment, we see what’s happening with Pam and Eric, which brings us back to the sarcastic and strong tongue comments only Pam can deliver. The two are in perfect form, feeding off each other in the most diabolic way possible, which fans have come to know and love of the duo. The most important part of this final pairing is that Eric and Pam make a deal with Sarah Newlan. She drinks Pam’s blood so they will always know where she is and what she is doing. She escapes Fangtasia, Eric and Pam kill the Japanese business men after Sarah Newlan. We find out what really happens with this near the end of the final episode, after years pass (which I’ll get to after the most impactful part of the finale).

Bill gives Sookie one final kiss before he meets his true death.

Bill gives Sookie one final kiss before he meets his true death.

After some talk with the reverend, Sookie calls Bill and agrees to use her fairy power, in order to put him out of his misery and grant him literally his dying wish – to have a life, including death. Bill tells Sookie that he wants her to set herself free from all of this, from him and live her life. He wants her to be happy, start a family of her own and have everything she deserves. Sookie draws on her fairy power, but in the end can’t make the final call herself and be held responsible for his death. She then breaks the wooden shovel, which is there to bury Bill, jumps into the open grave where he is laying with his casket (as he was considered dead after the war since he was turned and they couldn’t fins his body, Bon Temps, created a burial site for him with an empty casket), Bill grabs the wooden steak with Sookie holding it as well, and pushes it into his heart. Within seconds, Bill’s body is a pile of blood, Sookie is left crying in it. Sookie, walks out of the Bon Temps cemetery as the scene fades to black.

Pam & Eric celebrate 'New Blood' at the opening bell of the stock exchange.

Pam & Eric celebrate ‘New Blood’ at the opening bell of the stock exchange.

We then open with some time passing, Eric and Pam have created a new drink for Vampires suffering from Hepatitis V called New Blood. The are shooting an infomercial for the product. Three years later, the brand is part of the stock exchange as a publicly open product/brand. Sarah is locked up in the basement of Fangtatsia which is again open for business, with Eric sitting on his throne watching go-go dancers and Pam is charging Vampires to feed on Sarah Newlan – just the same way we were introduced to him and remember the pair – making money the best way they knew how.

Three years pass and we open the final scene of the series finale with Sookie in her kitchen, cooking up a storm for Thanksgiving. We see Sam drive up with his daughter and wife – returning to Bon Temps. Jason Stackhouse is now with Hoyt’s girlfriend prior to him moving back to Bon Temps and have multiple kids of their own. Arlene and many other regulars we’ve come to know and love (including Lafayette) are seen outside at a big long wooden table with lights hanging from the trees. Sookie goes around the table making sure her guests are comfortable before hugging her husband (we love the fact that you never see his face because the only thing that matters is Sookie’s happiness). They both sit down at the table, with music playing in the background, the scene fades to black before end credits play.

Sookie & Jason come together with family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sookie & Jason come together with family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner. 

As fans of the show, which enjoyed the finale very much. The only thing we didn’t like is that there was barely any Lafayette screen time! Sure, his part of the story was complete when him and Aunty May find Tara’s spirit, but one last Lafayette sharp tongued comment wouldn’t have hurt anyone. Why not have him say something funny at the table, as the camera pans down the table and we are overhearing everyone’s conversations? Other than that little qualm, we enjoyed the finale, and were left with a sense of closure. A perfect ending.

What did you think about the ‘True Blood’ series finale? What did you like? Hate? Love? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Rick, it sucked man. JUST ADMIT IT. Ain’t no closure! We spent seven years waiting to see who Sookie will end up with…and she ends up with………..THE GUY WHO WE ONLY SEE FROM THE BACK. GEE, THANKS ASSHOLES.

    The finale was the “BHEEL! Show”. Boring as shit too. And the end with Pam and Eric, while funny, was lazy, poor writing.

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