A lot has happened throughout the last month and many changes are on the way that will affect and impact and I feel it is only right to share this with the readers of this rapidly growing blog. The last month has been a whirlwind for myself and many close to me. Now before anyone starts to worry, I must clarify, this won’t be a sad blog entry. I popped the question to my girlfriend, and I am now a fiancé. As many of you may know, with that comes a lot of planning and I apologize to my loyal readers and so many of you who run your own blog on for the lack of content as of late. This message is to also advise, that I will be out of the country on vacation for the next couple of weeks, and although my laptop will be coming with me, I will be unplugging myself from technology as much as possible.

With this means, I will be missing some big TV/Music events. For starters, I will be behind a total of two weeks on my favourite reality TV show; ‘Big Brother’ and as all you fans know, a lot can go down in a two-week time span, so live tweeting  throughout the shows will be a no-go for me. Furthermore, The 2014 Emmys and the MTV VMA’s will also be missed and not to mention, the series finale of ‘True Blood’ – so no recaps or reports regarding these shows as well (at least for now).

I wanted to send out this quick message to let all the loyal fans know what’s been going on, an I felt it was only right to keep you all in the loop. Make sure you all get your pop culture fix and hit up TMZ, Perez Hilton and Just Jared – sure this blog may not be at the caliber as them, but us pop culture bloggers got to have each others backs 😉

Hope you all have a great couple of weeks, and look out for the next blog posts from yours truly mid-September, where I’ll be discussing TV’s hottest new buzz-worthy TV shows you’ll need to check out!

Peace, Love and Pop Culture!

Creator/Editor in Chief
Twitter: @TheSlickestRick

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