It was in 2011, that the world was obsessed with ’50 Shades of Grey’. It seemed like you couldn’t walk down the street or have dinner out at a restaurant without over hearing women everywhere talking about the book that had their heart racing and palms sweating. Now, fans of the book will be able to experience Mr.Grey in all his glory, on the bog screen as the  ’50 Shades of Grey’ official movie release date has been set. The movie will premiere Valentine’s Day 2015. How fitting.

We have to ask though, If you’re a fan of the book(s) -( yes there is a series of books, which will then in turn obviously lead to more than one movie) are you dying to see this adaptation on the big screen, or do you think your imagination and interpretation from reading the book will beat out any movie possibly made? Also, viewing this trailer alone, do you feel the movie will be a box office success or possible box office flop?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Check out the official trailer below, just released by Universal Pictures . . .  and ladies, let the countdown begin! ’50 Shades of Grey’  hits theatres Valentine’s Day 2015.

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