Season 2 of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ (as of today – June 6th) is now available to watch in its entirety on Netflix, but before this glorious day came, a select few bloggers (our very own Rick Cerenzia included) took part in a special screening, which allowed them to watch the first two episodes of the new season, in Toronto this past Monday.

The event took place at Toronto’s Bell TIFF Light Box, which is home to exclusive screenings, including Toronto’s world-class Toronto International Film Festival. Guests were welcomed into the event by very gracious Netflix Canada reps and even had an opportunity to take pics behind a Netflix branded backdrop. The event saw an open bar which included special themed drinks for the night, in honour of the show. Drinks on hand included; the Litchfield Special, Red’s Moscow Mule, Piper’s Punch, Screwdriver (has more meaning to fans of the show) and the Vee & C. The venue was classy, sophisticated but still packed a punch of pop culture  goodness which saw framed black and white pictures of pop culture icons including Marilyn Monroe, Robert DeNiro, John F. Kennedy and many more.

Guests dined on delicious appetizers, which included spring rolls and sliders that literally melted in your mouth. Those in attendance (and lucky enough to be invited) were treated to not just the first episode of the new season, but two. Yes, two! We realize the entire season is now up on Netflix, but don’t worry, we won’t be revealing any spoilers here. The event had such great energy and it was amazing to be in a theatre atmosphere, watching the show with fellow ‘Orange Is The New Black’ fans, all laughing at the same jokes and gasping at all the drama in unison.

Check out our pics below of the event, and of course, don’t forget to subscribe to Netflix Canada, so you’re not left in the dark about the brilliantly, well written, female dominant show that has hollywood and the entire pop culture loving world buzzing.

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