Newfoundland screamed loud and proud last night as 23-year-old Jon Pardy became the season two winner of Big Brother Canada. He won over the country and his fellow houseguests with his physicality and social savvy, earning Canada’s coveted jury vote.

“It’s so surreal for me. If you had told me I was going to be here from day one, I would have told you that you are nuts,” said Pardy. “Being able to do this for my province and my boys is the best feeling ever. I never thought in a million years I’d be on a reality show!”

Jon wins HOH part 3 and solidifies his spot in final two

Jon wins HOH part 3 and solidifies his spot in final two

The final three, made up of Jon, Neda (Vancouver, BC), and Sabrina (Montréal, QC), competed in a gruelling and gripping three-part HOH competition that decided the final two. Jon won the first leg and Neda took the second, robbing Sabrina of the final HOH. The power-couple competed together the entire game before going head-to-head in a trivial pursuit. Jon had jaws dropping when he made the power move of the season, taking Sabrina to the final two and putting Neda in the final jury seat.

The best part for me during the finale, wasn’t seeing Jon being crowned as winner (even though I believe he deserved it and was rooting for either him or Neda to win the entire game. My favourite part(s) of the final is two fold. Part I: when Jon made the difficult decision to vote out Neda, single handedly choosing who went with him to the final two. This move solidified that Jon deserved to be in the finals and win – cutting ties with his ally throughout the entire game, because deep down he knew if he were to take her to the final two, he would have had a harder time possibly being chosen as the winner. Part II: When host, Arisa Cox showed the video montage of the ‘Season of Secrets”, finally revealing to the houseguests all the secrets that went down in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house. Always great TV, watching the houseguests jaws drop in shock!

Jon is announced as the winner of 'Big Brother Canada' Season 2

Jon is announced as the winner of ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 2

Jon goes home to Clarenville, NL with $100,000, a $25,000 gift card to The Brick, and a $10,000 trip of a lifetime courtesy of Twistos and, as runner-up, Sabrina walks away with $20,000. The season of secrets put the houseguests through a myriad of #TwistosTwists engaging viewers more than ever before.

With an incredible season, production wise, full of twists and amazing competitions, ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season Two was a smash hit and has set the bar very high in as to how the show should be produced. All we’re saying is, the next season of ‘Big Brother’ (US Version) better step their game up! There has been no word as to whether or not a season three is a go, but with the ratings success, ‘Big Brother Canada’ is only getting bigger and better with each season, and we have no doubt the show will be back for another season full of twists and turns!

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