BBCAN2HeatherWeek10RecapFour became three tonight as Edmonton, Alberta’s Heather joined the jury after a special eviction episode of Big Brother CanadaThe winner will be crowned in the season finale Thursday, May 8, beginning with a special Big Brother Canada Side Show at 8:30pm ET on Slice.

On whether or not she was surprised by the eviction, “I am, but I’m not. I had an inkling it was going to happen, I was just hoping it wouldn’t,” said Heather. “I think I was an easy target from the beginning, but that’s okay. I was teased when I was little so that gave me a strong backbone and helped me get through some of those mean-girl moments.”

Marshaland POV

Marshaland POV Competition

Though the odds were against her, Sabrina’s wits were with her as she beat Heather and Neda in an HOH competition, guaranteeing her spot in the final three. Setting her sights on Jon, Sabrina nominated him alongside Heather before competing in a Marshaland POV competition. Jon’s hindsight was 20/20 as he won the POV, saved himself from eviction, and set Heather up for her exit from the Big Brother Canada house.

Heather, a 23-year-old Model Agency Coordinator, joins Adel, Allison, Arlie, Rachelle, and Canada on the season two jury that has just one seat left. That seat will be taken by Jon, Neda, or Sabrina, a trio of social, strategic, and skilled houseguests battling it out for a grand prize of $100,000, a $25,000 gift card to The Brick, and a $10,000 trip of a lifetime courtesy of Twistos.

In another #TwistosTwist, Arisa Cox informed the final three that Canada would be the 7th juror to vote for this year’s winner. The houseguests made their patriotic pleas to the country as voting opened at BigBrotherCanada.ca.

The season finale kicks off Thursday at 8:30pm ET with a special edition of the Big Brother Canada Side Show, followed by the two-hour episode beginning at 9pm ET on Slice.


  1. SO happy Jon won but disappointed that he didn’t take Neda. She really needed the money !

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