Are you surprised by the house’s decision?

I’m not surprised at all. We were going to make a move on Heather earlier this week and then she won the POV. I was next on the hit list because Sabrina is less of a threat and she might be going to final three.

How has Canada’s influence impacted the house this year?

If it wasn’t for Canada’s influence this year on the season, we pretty much would have been the underdogs and picked apart. Since Canada had the power of HOH they literally flipped the house upside down and that’s when the sloppy seconds took total domination of the house. Half or three quarters of the house predicted Canada would vote Andrew and Sabrina so we kind of knew it was in our favour the whole time. After the Buzzworthy, I felt like I had an alliance in Canada. I know we had the houseguests but Canada had my back. So when Canada had HOH, we automatically assumed that the underdogs were not the target. It worked out to our favour.


Kyle prays with Adel, in one of the most heart-touching moments of the season.

Kyle prays with Adel, in one of the most heart-touching moments of the season.

When do you think the competition shifted gears? Was there a definitive moment or was it a process?

I would say the whole game shifted exactly when Canada became HOH. They made the biggest power move this season by allowing us to take out Andrew and we just took over the game. When I say we, I mean the sloppy seconds.


Why did you connect so well with Kyle? Would you choose to align yourself with anyone else if given a second chance?

I connected with Kyle really, really well because he is a lot like my best friend in Edmonton. He has a lot of the same characteristics and we were kind of both cowboys in the house, we were gung-ho. We didn’t care about what we had to do or what we had to say, it was just to shake up the house and try to get the game back on a level playing field. I knew that we fed off of each other and when we wanted to cause a ruckus he was my right hand mine. We were The Outsiders! Paul was the fearless leader, Kyle was the horse, and I was the…I was just me!

What was your best and worst moment in the house?

I think my best moment in the house was when I made up my power and I was literally going from group to group and threatening to backdoor them and put them on the block with a fake power. We had a lot of other good laughs pranking the fellow houseguests.

The worst moment in the house for me was recently when Big Jon was a bit tipsy and he decided we should take out Heather. I agreed with him and we went and told Neda. I knew that was my worst moment because if she won the veto, I realized I was going home.

What did you discover about yourself that you didn’t know prior to being on the show?

This house converted me in to the patience king. I will wait hours to do anything and everything after being in the house. It taught me that patience is a virtue and patience paid off in the game.


Wake up, Canada! Adel  chats w/ host Arisa Cox, post eviction. Photo by Greg Henkenhaf

Wake up, Canada! Adel chats w/ host Arisa Cox, post eviction.
Photo by Greg Henkenhaf

If you can go back to any moment in the house and change your reaction, which moment would that be and why?

I wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t take anything back. I enjoyed every moment, I didn’t hold back, and I don’t regret a single thing.

How did hearing from the outside world – through your BuzzWorthy win and seeing your best friend – impact your emotions or mental game?

When I won BuzzWorthy I really thought I had another alliance now even though they weren’t strictly in the house. I aligned myself with Canada instantly. The Tweets were cool being from my immediate family and reassured me that they were watching and cheering for me. When I saw the punishment I was really, really iffy about taking it to seeing my best friend. But, he is my best friend, I literally spend all day every day with him back home. Since he flew all the way from Edmonton, and would maybe have a fist fight with me if I had said no, I knew I had to say yes. When I saw him, it felt like I was back to my reality. It was my homeboy, there in the Big Brother house. It reassured me that my boys back home were rooting for me. If they believe in me I should believe in myself. It gave me that kick in the ass.

Do you have any final thoughts?

It was an experience of a lifetime. If you ever have a chance to audition or be on the show you should absolutely do it.​

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