George Clooney Engaged

We hate to be the barer of bad news and trust us, for single ladies (hell all ladies) out there this will come as a shock. Allegedly, long time hollywood bachelor and A-List celebrity George Clooney is reportedly off the market. Yes, you read that right. George Clooney is reportedly engaged! The Oscar-winning actor, 52, popped the question to the British lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, sometime in the past two weeks.

On April 23, the twosome were spotted dining together at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood — and, according to one onlooker “they were toasting the engagement.” The infamous Hollywood bachelor even told a fellow diner that they were engaged, the witness claims.

According to the NY Post, the two were trying to keep their recent engagement a secret.

At the moment, Clooney’s rep will not comment on the George’s personal life.

What are your thoughts of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, reportedly off the market?


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