Before ‘Big Brother Canada’ was even thought about, and was only a dream to fans. Were you a fan of the American franchise, and if so, who were your favourites?

I’ve always been a ‘Big Brother’ fan….never a live feed fan (that is a whole new world to me) but I’ve watched almost every US season. I have so many favourites. Jeff/Jordan, Britney, everyone in the Brigade -LOL, I loved so many in BBUS15. Dan/Dr.Will/Boogie….I love too many to pick just one fav.

 Before applying for the second season, did you apply to be on the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’?

I only auditioned for season 2. I honesty didn’t know about Season 1 or I would have tried for that one too.


Sarah is one of the first five houseguests to enter the 'Big Brother Canada' house. This would later be known as the "First Five" Alliance.

Sarah is one of the first five houseguests to enter the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house. This would later be known as the “First Five” Alliance.

What were your initial thoughts, when first entering the house and seeing all the other houseguests? Did any one person in particular stand out as a potential threat?

I think those first couple days you are so in shock and in awe that you are IN THE HOUSE…but my thoughts were that Kenny/Andrew were likely threats so I was happy to have aligned myself with them

Did you have an initial plan of how you wanted to play the game and if so, did that plan quickly change once the game began?

I didn’t want to jump into an alliance right away. I wanted to get to know people, try and be as friendly as possible and go from there. However, the opportunity presented itself within the first 5 mins and we did it!!

Which houseguest annoyed you the most and which houseguest do you wish you could have gotten closer to in the game?

Heather. For some reason I just didn’t click with her…I don’t know if it was the age or what but I really did try in the first couple weeks. I definitely should have tried harder. She is a very sweet and kind person and I hope to get to know her better outside of the house.

 At first in the house, you were aligned with the girls, but decided to switch over and be part of a “First Five” Alliance – dividing the house (which was an emotional decision for you). What was the reasoning for this? Did you feel that the all-girl alliance may have been a “sinking ship” so early on in the game?

So the truth is that I was aligned with First Five ‘first’. The girls alliance was simply to feed information back to our boys. I didn’t feel that the girls alliance was strong enough to keep up ‘appearances’ and so I voted with what my true alliance wanted.

It seemed as though Andrew rubbed people the wrong way. Were you worried that aligning yourself with such an egotistical type, personality, would ruin your game and place an unnecessary target on your back?

Not really. 1) you need someone like that in your alliance because someone will have to leave first out of the 5 (if you make it to the end…sorry Andrew, hunny) So being aligned with him I thought was good in the way that it kept the target off my back. We had managed to keep Andrew safe for 4 weeks and probably could have a bit longer had Canada not made such a big move. (nice work ;))


Kenny and Sarah share a touching/real moment in the house, when Kenny reveals to Sarah that he's gay.

Kenny and Sarah share a touching/real moment in the house, when Kenny reveals to Sarah that he’s gay.

You unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to read any letters from home during your time in the house. If you had that opportunity and had won HOH, how much of a boost would that have been to your game play/strategy?

For me being away from J and the kids was soooo hard. I have never been away from any of them for more then a week (in 10 yrs) so I really needed my letter to refocus, to know everyone was ok. I think it would have been a major boost.

During the HOH competition, which took place immediately after your decision to align with the others to create the “First Five” alliance, the title of HOH literally, slipped through your fingers. How emotionally and physically draining was that experience?

I had been aligned with them for weeks at this point BUT I had just exposed myself to the girls so this was soooo important to win. I honestly had it in the bag and then I decided to move my arm position. My hands were so sweaty….that was my biggest mistake. I was sooo drained after that because I had been certain this was MY HOH to lose. Also, my hips were bruised for days – LOL.

In one of the biggest twists of the season, Canada was named HOH, putting up Andrew and Sabrina for eviction. What were you thinking when this all went down?

I honestly knew in my gut that Sabrina and Andrew were going up. What I didn’t know was if Canada was specifically trying to break up the “first five” alliance…. I was hoping Andrew would pull off a POV win (he was so close) and then we could re-group.


Sarah (aka: Office Manners) is tasked to issue tickets to her fellow houseguests.

Sarah (aka: Office Manners) is tasked to issue tickets to her fellow houseguests.

At one point in the game, you were “Officer Manners”, handing out tickets to houseguests with bad habits. How much fun did you have in that task?

BEST TASK! LOL. I loved having all that control. Although I ended up with more tickets than any houseguest! Hahaha!.

You were put on the block as a replacement nominee, as Kenny won POV to secure his safety. You were then voted out, in the first Double Eviction of the season. How crazy was it being voted out, then only moments later, seeing your biggest ally walk out the door to greet you during the ‘Big Brother Canada Side Show’?

It was completely bittersweet. I wanted him to stay so badly, but to see him after such an emotional goodbye was amazing. I love that man dearly. I knew that if he had stayed, the likelihood of him making it to the end was small since he WAS the biggest target in the house…(although the game does really change week to week) so I was happy he made it out before jury and could reunite with Molly.

With the remaining houseguests in the game, who do you want to be see crowned the winner of ‘Big Brother Canada: Season 2’?

I would have loved to see Arlie win. Love him…now that he is gone, I think Im Team Neda 🙂

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