We’ve got one word to describe last night’s instant eviction episode; DRAMA!!!!

Following a ‘Big Brother Canada’ instant eviction, Allison is the second houseguest to join the jury house, hot on the heels of Thursday’s evictee, Arlie.

On the moment her game took a turn for the worse, Allison said “I regret not keeping Arlie. That was a stupid game move.” To the country that voted her in to the Big Brother Canada house, “I’m sorry, Canada.”

Neda nominates two houseguests for eviction on Big Brother Canada  Photo by Kyle Richmond

Neda nominates two houseguests for eviction on Big Brother Canada
Photo by Kyle Richmond

On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada Side Show, viewers saw Neda taken to the Diary Room after her HOH win only to have Big Brother sequester her in the house’s Secret Room, unbeknownst to her fellow houseguests.In last night’s episode, Arisa revealed to Neda that she was the HOH of an instant eviction. She was given five minutes to make a decision before re-entering the house to make her nomination. Allison and Sabrina were nominated and, with no POV in play, the Newfoundlander was evicted in a 4-0 vote. Let’s talk game for a second here. This was a HUGE game move by Neda, and although some people may not have wanted Allison evicted, this was the smartest move and needed to be done. Out of all the remaining houseguests, at this point, we’re hoping either Neda or Jon go all the way to the end.

In a skill-testing HOH challenge, Adel won his first HOH and set his sights on “The Gremlins” alliance, nominating Rachelle and Sabrina for eviction. With two houseguests on the jury and a seat saved for Canada’s vote, the six remaining houseguests are fighting for a grand prize of $100,000, a $25,000 gift card to The Brick, and a $10,000 trip of a lifetime courtesy of Twistos.

It’s getting close to crunch time! Who do you want to see be crowned the winner for the second season of ‘Big Brother Canada’?

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