And then there were seven… ‘Big Brother Canada’ put its houseguests through the season’s first double eviction which sealed the fate of Sarah and Kenny. In a moment of sweet satisfaction, this eviction scored each of the remaining houseguests a coveted spot on the Big Brother Canada jury.

Following her first HOH win, Heather made her move and nominated Allison and Kenny for eviction. Kenny won the POV, saved himself, and forced Heather to name a replacement nominee. Sarah, the mother of two from Langley, BC, was nominated in Kenny’s place and evicted in a final 4-3 vote. We’re sad to see Sarah leave, because out of all the girls in the house (besides Neda and Allison) we thought she would have beeb a shoe-in to make it far in the game.

“I think I had really good relationships with people in the house and I think they knew if I made it to a certain point I had a really good shot….I also let my emotions take over,” said Sarah.

After Arisa dropped the double eviction bomb, the houseguests put their game faces on to compete in one of the most crucial HOH competitions of the season. Neda pulled her first HOH win (although it looked as though Arlie threw it) and quickly nominated Sabrina and Rachelle for eviction.

Arlie dominates and wins the 'Power of Veto'

Arlie dominates and wins the ‘Power of Veto’

In another first, Arlie pulled off his only win of the season claiming the POV and using it on Rachelle. Newfoundland-native Kenny found himself on the chopping block and was quickly evicted in a 5-1 vote. Let’s not the importance of this 1 vote to nominate Sabrina. This may be the smartest move on Rachelle’s part. We’re hoping that in doing this, she leaves Sabrina out in no-man’s land on her own, detaches herself from that sinking ship, and aligns with someone from the other side of the house. Sure it’s a far stretch, but she may have an ally in Allison. You never know what can go down in the Big Brother Canada house!

On revealing his sexuality to the house prior to his eviction, Kenny stated, “It just seemed like the right time. We were all outside and it was beautiful out, the sun was shining, and everybody’s dirty laundry was being aired. So I said, eff it, I’m gay.”

Before the episode ended, the houseguests got the ball rolling in the second HOH competition of the episode. With a vital HOH win on the line, the houseguests remain unaware of Allison’s Secret POV and the room she found it in – the War Room where she began the game. Sunday’s nomination episode will see two houseguests up for elimination under the power of a new HOH.

Tune into Slice Sunday at 9PM to see what unfolds in this patience-based HOH competition!

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