Big Brother Canada S2_Andrew Gordon and Sabrina Abbate

This week the theme in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house was one of paranoia (more than usual), as the houseguests were sitting on the edge of their seats, wondering who Canada would vote to put on the chopping block. In surprising twist, Canada was voted as HOH in the previous week. In the season’s first major power play, Canada’s HOH nominations flipped the house, fractured the “first five” alliance, and saw Calgary’s Andrew Gordon evicted in a 7-2 vote.

After Arisa Cox revealed that Canada was this week’s HOH, the helpless houseguests buckled up and prepared for takeoff in the high-stakes Power of Veto competition. Jon won the POV, but kept the true north strong and free by leaving Canada’s nominations intact. The competition required some math, and some major problem solving by all the houseguests. Many struggled through it and some purposely competed horribly the comp all together (Adel). We don’t blame him, he was sitting pretty and was in no immediate danger by Canada.

Andrew  is evicted from 'Big Brother Canada' house Photo by Mark O'Neill

Andrew is evicted from ‘Big Brother Canada’ house Photo by Mark O’Neill

“I’m overwhelmed to be honest. It’s a bit crazy being out of the house,” said Andrew. “I think the biggest misconception about me is that I’m a sarcastic jerk all of the time. I think that it’s just most of the time.” Andrew said to host Arisa, post eviction on the ‘Big Brother Canada’ Side Show. We can align with Andrew, in a sense where, you wouldn’t feel the greatest, knowing an entire country wanted to see you (and succeeded) leave the game. At the end of the day, viewers who voted religiously watched the broadcast show/live feeds, and are die-hard fans of the show. They let their voices heard, and a power shift in the house has now begun!

With Andrew’s eviction, the “first five” became four and the houseguests formed new alliances (Jon, Adel, Heather, Arlie – and hopefully Neda) and prepared for an inevitable power shift starting with the “Big Brother Blindside” HOH competition. Houseguests were surprised when they saw mug shots go each other on the TV screens in the family room. Many houseguests were done up, made to look completely different and out of character. The game is one of memory and will test the houseguests, in a true or false quiz-based format. The new Head of Household will be revealed and will name the next nominees up for eviction, Sunday at 9pm ET on Slice, paving the way for the season’s first double eviction on Thursday, April 10!

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