Heather and Paul_Photo by Greg Henkenhaf

After three weeks of united voting, the ‘Big Brother Canada’ houseguests divided in a 6-4 vote against 43-year-old Paul Jackson in Thursday night’s eviction episode on Slice.

“I’m too old for this,” stated Paul Jackson. “I knew coming in I would have to change up my game depending on the people in the house. The nice guy just didn’t work so I switched to the villain and that didn’t work either, so I tried to switch back and I guess it was too late. Trying to keep up with these young cats was hard.”

The HOH challenge proved too tough a nut for Paul to crack. Ika, who already held the HOH title, won the squirrel-inspired POV challenge making her eviction nominations untouchable. It was a house divided in a tight vote between the Toronto motivational speaker and fellow nominee Heather. In our eyes, we believe Paul set himself up for failure, even before this “nut-cracking’ HOH competition. His ultimate downfall in the game which made him a target from the very beginning was winning the very first HOH competition. Plus, we can’t forget him thinking that he needed to be “the villain” in the house, so early in the game. This caused him to get under everyone’s skin, especially when he decided to call Andrew, a racist, and cause some major (and unnecessary) tension at such an early stage in the game.

Host Arisa Cox, sits down with Paul to see what's on his mind, post eviction.

Host Arisa Cox, sits down with Paul to see what’s on his mind, post eviction.

With a houseguest evicted, we saw the net HOH competition take place, and this one was all about endurance. Entitled “Hang In There”, this comp saw the houseguests standing in front of a podium with harnesses attached. The idea of this comp is to not let your fingers release from the white markings on the podium, as the harnessed, connected to pulleys, put more pressure on each houseguest, forcing them away from their respective podiums. We’re calling it that a girl will when this one. Someone with flexibility and not as much muscle/body weight as some of the guys in the house.

The season of secrets continued when Big Brother revealed that Canada has the power to bring Marsha the Moose back to ‘Big Brother Canada’. Fans will vote online to unlock the Fan Meter and launch a secret Marsha Mission. When the meter reaches two million votes, the mischievous moose will make her triumphant return to the show. The great thing about Marsha returning, is that she’ll alway shave secret missions for unsuspecting houseguests, which stirs up the game, and makes for some major entertainment in the house!

Find out what goes down on a brand-new episode airing this Sunday 9PM EST on Slice!

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