Last night was the second season premiere episode of Canada’s favourite reality show; ‘Big Brother Canada’!

The episode introduced us to the house guests which will be going through the crazy journey and calling the swanky house home for the next several months. This year, there was definitely no shortage of big, over the top personalities, which will make the show extremely interesting to watch. Host Arisa Cox, welcomed and introduced the house guests in groups at a time, and in true ‘Big Brother’ fashion, the contestants weren’t able to speak to each other, until they were inside the newly revamped house.

House guests which stood out for us (and we hope will make it far into the game) include the make model with a killer beard; Kenny, yoga lover and student Rachelle and of course, the spunky and off-beat Anick. The house guests didn’t have long to settle into their new digs as Arisa came on the TV in the family room and announced to the house guests that the battle for supremacy would start right away – the first HOH competition of the season was ready to begin! The competition saw all house guests standing on a block of ice. The premise was simple, the last person standing would be named first HOH. After around 30 minutes that’s when we saw people slowly/nervously remove themselves off their respected blocks due to numbness. Paul, which is the father figure in the house made a deal with the remaining competitors, telling them that if they all step off and allow him to be crowned as the first HOH, they have his word that they won’t be put on the block and no backstabbing will be done. With that, the remaining house guests collectively removed themselves off their blocks and the first HOH of the season was crowned.

BBCAN S2: 1st HOH Competition

HOH Competition: House guests try to remain on their respective blocks of ice the longest.

Before the show was over, host Arisa Cox let us all in on the season’s first twist of the game where Canada will choose the final house guest to be brought back into the house, in a way that has never been seen or done previously in any season of ‘Big Brother’. Viewers were introduced to three new potential house guests which will be living in a secret room which no one is aware of. The three strangers will live in this room, isolated from the rest of the house. There every move can be viewed on the 24/7 live feeds.

The Secret Room houseguests are:

Allison White: tenacious tomboy from Newfoundland who works as a psychiatric nurse.

Nate Sandri: silver-tongued metal worker from British Columbia with a cool confidence.

Scott Bosse: larger than life gay rights activist from Nova Scotia with a glitzy alter-ego named ‘Contessa.’

The shocking reveal to the rest of the house as to what is happening and which candidate will be playing the game will be revealed on the special March 13th live eviction episode.

What did you think of last night’s season two premiere episode? Most importantly, who do you want to see enter the #BBCAN2 house? Make sure to cast your vote and have your say before the big reveal!

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