‘Big Brother’ is one of TV’s most drama-filled reality shows. The united states version has been live and kicking (for what will be) over fifteen seasons. The show is extremely popular all over the world, as countries like United Kingdom. Australia, Germany and many more have adopted their own versions of the reality TV program.

Last year, Canada joined the list of countries lucky enough to have their own version of ‘Big Brother’; and it didn’t disappoint. The show was a ratings juggernaut for SLICE TV and Shaw Media, which prompted a second season, set to air March 5th. Today, via Twitter, we got our first glimpse inside the now infamous TV show house, which has seen a facelift. The kitchen has been completely revamped, along with the backyard, pool area, and washroom. Although the ‘Big Brother’ (US) house is often considered as campy, the Canadian version takes a modern style approach and pulls it off extremely well.

Check out the gallery below for your first look inside the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house. There hasn’t been a sighting of Marsha The Moose as of yet, but we hope she decides to make an appearance again this year.


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