OITNB S2Netflix has easily become one of the most popular on-demand streaming services in the world. The service sees millions of visitors daily and has changed the way many of us watch our favourite shows.

This past Friday, saw the highly anticipated Season 2 premiere of ‘House of Cards’ starring Kevin Spacey. What’s fantastic about Netflix, is they don’t upload an episode a time, they upload the entire season! It’s all there, waiting for you to be watched. Plus, what’s better than binge watching your favourite shows? Nothing really. Grab your favourite drink and some grub, and you’ve got a little piece of heaven on earth!

After the final episode of Season 2 of ‘House of Cards’, Netflix fans were treated to a special trailer, which involved the brand’s newest cult hit show; ‘Orange is the New Black’. Not only were fans treated to what the second season has to offer (what? facial expressions count, right?), but #OITNB fans now know when the next season will be online, ready to watch! Plus, the show allegedly is going to pick up right where the season one finale left off, which is absolutely perfect.

Season 2 of the hit show, is ready for your binge watching pleasure starting June 6th!

Check out the official Netflix promo below, grab your orange jumper and get ready for what looks like an unpredictable second season!


  1. Jenna Matzer says:

    Beyond excited!


  1. […] of ‘Orange is the New Black’ got their first taste of the upcoming second season back in February, when Netflix streamed the new promo after the final episode of the second season […]

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