The Super Bowl is watched by millions of viewers around the globe, with many casual fans not even watching for the teams or the game itself. On the other hand, they watch because the Super Bowl is such an iconic pop culture hit. Many brands/companies vie for air time to showcase their products, new TV shows, brands etc (really nothing is off-limits) and last night was a prime example of this.

A couple of weeks back, Jerry Seinfeld was spotted with Jason Alexander outside Tom’s Restaurant in New York City. For those that are unaware of the importance of the restaurant. This was the outside exterior that was used on every episode of the hit 90’s show to portray Monk’s Coffee Shop. In just a matter of minutes, rumours were swirling online as to why they two were together (and most importantly, why Jason Alexander was in his George Costanza attire).

Last night, the rumours were put to rest as those watching the Super Bowl finally found out the importance of the meeting. Turns out they were filming an episode of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ , which is a web series which features Jerry Seinfeld and a friend from Hollywood (mostly comedians – hence the title of the show), driving around, grabbing a cup of coffee/something to eat and shooting the breeze. This episode was a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion of sorts as it featured Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza, in character as if ‘Seinfeld’ was still occurring. There was even a surprise cameo by Jerry’s arch nemesis, Newman!

The episode is a must-see for every ‘Seinfeld’ fan. Check out at here, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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