This coming February will mark exactly one year since television history was made! Yes, you guessed it, it will be the one year anniversary of the debut of the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’! This year, ‘Big Brother Canada’ is set to return for a second season with a batch of new house guests promised to be full of twists and drama!

“Big Brother Canada’ host Aria Cox has your announcement, which includes the official start date for the upcoming second season, and an announcement of a live post show which will be called the ‘Big Brother Canada Side Show’. In this show which will air after eviction night (Every Thursday at 10PM) we will get insight from the latest contestant voted out of the house and off the show. However, joining Arisa will be ‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1 favourites Glitter Gary and Peter Brown! Also, don’t be surprised if you see some familiar faces from the inaugural season, as each episode of the ‘Big Brother Canada Side Show’ will see a special guest panelist. Hopefully, some ‘Big Brother’ US favourites may make the trek up north to weigh in on all the drama! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the one.

Check out the official announcement from Arisa below, and get ready for a drama filled new season! ‘Big Brother Canada’ airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights exclusively on Slice!

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