No one took the news harder than us when we found out last year that ABC had cancelled easily one of their funniest shows after four seasons on the air. In fact, I don’t think we ever got over it. ‘Happy Endings’ was one of the most popular shows on ABC, hell, on all of Tv for that matter. At one time it was paired with the number one comedy on television; ‘Modern Family’.  In that first year, the show found huge ratings success. The second season, was the same. However, the third and fourth seasons seemed to struggle to find ratings. Perhaps it was because ABC, would change the air dates of the show. First it was on Tuesdays, changed to Wednesdays and at one point, Fridays, which in TV land, is usually a death sentence. It was like ABC was pushing their once beloved show away, in order to make room for newly hyped shows being promoted on the network. Sadly, the funniest show on TV, as hailed by TV Guide was shockingly cancelled.

The New Year always brings in new resolutions, promises and optimism and 2014 started on one hell of a high note! VH1 had a special ‘Happy Endings’ Marathon which aired the entire night. Worried that your New Year’s Eve plans meant you missed out on this monumental occasion forcing you not to be able to hang out with the gang? VH1 has come up to the plate once again! ‘Happy Endings’ announced via their official Facebook page, that VH1 will be airing four back-to-back episodes of the hit comedy, every Wednesday night starting at 7/6 C next week!

As Penny would say, this is . . . .

Happy Endings: AH-MAH-ZING!

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