Beyoncé: Mrs.Carter Show

Guest Blogger: Sara Bettencourt 
Twitter: @sarabettencourt

When I found out Beyoncé was coming back to Toronto to do another show this year, I couldn’t believe that all hope wasn’t lost. I tried to get tickets for her show back in July and had no luck. It was from this moment that I made sure I had every pre sale date and time written down, along with all the passwords; when the alarm clock went off, I was ready. From the moment I clicked confirm on my Ticketmaster purchase and up until she came out on the stage last night, I couldn’t have been more excited for her show.

Beyoncé is a woman of many talents and appeals to a variety of people; one of the most attractive qualities she possesses is her willingness to give, not only to her fans but those in need. Her #BeyGood campaign/partnership with Goodwill provided all ticket holders at last night’s show with the opportunity to get upgraded tickets to the #Beyhive or #BeyStage VIP Seating by making a donation. This was great incentive for all fans that wanted a closer look at the Queen, while giving back to those who needed it most. Those that made donations were identified with the #BeyGood Sticker below and selected throughout the evening.

Now it’s been 10 years since Beyoncé put out her first solo album, making me 14 at the time. If you go even further back Destiny’s Child had been around the entire time while I was growing up. Last night I, along with the rest of the Air Canada Centre, was able to enjoy a variety of songs from the past 10 years that have highlighted various moments in my life from being a teenager to a woman.

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Beyoncé was on the stage for just over an hour and a half and I have to say, she knows how to put on a hell of a show. She opened the show with ‘Run the World (Girls)’ which immediately had the entire crowd up on their feet singing and dancing the night away. I’ve never seen a performer take such command of a stage. Not to mention her dancers, singers, and band were all amazing. Definitely an empowering feel, as the only males on the stage were Les Twins… Pretty nice eye candy if I do say so myself. The lights, the effects, everything was very thought out and really added to the amazing production. She looked absolutely stunning with every outfit change (which is no shocker), but it blows my mind that Blue Ivy, her daughter, isn’t even 1 yet. Mrs. Carter is a hot mama.

Every song you wanted to hear, you got to hear. Most concerts I go to I leave with the feeling that I wish I got to hear this one song, but she had it all covered. From a version of Diva mixed with Kanye West’s ‘Clique’, to ‘Baby Boy’ which had Bey and her ladies doing to the dutty wine, to ‘Survivor’ – a throwback to the Destiny’s Child days.

It was a night worth every penny, and the next time she’s in Toronto I’ll be there.

Now when the night was over, it was over.

There was no encore needed.

Like a Boss.. After all she’s the one and only Mrs. Carter, so what did you expect?

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