P!NK: The Truth About Love Tour

P!NK brought her “The Truth About Love Tour” to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto last night, to a jam-packed house. We would say that the fans were hanging from the rafters, but as you’ll read, there was only one specific person who literally did that last night.

Check out the pics  and recap of the show last night from our guest blogger, make-up artist Kat Cassin! Make sure to follow her on Twitter – trust us, she doesn’t disappoint.

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger:
Kat Cassin
Twitter: @kittiegomeow

Quite possibly one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Her dancing was amazing. She makes it seem as simple as walking. Surprisingly, her voice didn’t even so much as tremble during her incredibly intense acrobatic performances. This was probably due to what could quite possibly be the most immaculately sculpted body I’ve ever seen. I mean, (enter choice expletive here)!

The crowd went wild during her last song, “So What?”, where she flew over the audience, and at one point, was so high up that she was hanging from the scoreboard, before free falling and stopping mere feet away from the heads of the audience members. Plus, her gold glitter shoes? Swoon.

Admittedly, I was not the biggest fan of P!nk before the show (the tickets were a birthday gift to my mom who essentially forced me into going with her). Sure, I’ve liked her music since “Can’t Take Me Home” debuted in 2000, but it’s safe to say I’ve been neither here nor there until this show. I can now confidently say that she has gained a new fan (who is dying to know what her workout plan is and has gained super awesome daughter points!) for life.




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