It’s almost a week after the ‘Dexter’ series finale, and now that I have had time to sleep on it, let my brain process everything that happened before writing this blog post, I still feel the same way – cheated and ripped off.

Written by: Rick Cerenzia Creator/ Editor & Chief

Written by: Rick Cerenzia
Editor & Chief Blogger

‘Dexter’ was never the same after season four which saw John Lithgow as “The Trinity Killer”. The season was so impactful, clever and was a complete thrill ride. I remember almost after every episode literally screaming the words “HOLY S#*T!” at my TV but sadly, to me, the show never quite felt the same after that season.

Season after season, ‘Dexter’ had the same formula. However, it wasn’t that the audience and fans got tired of this, it was (to me anyways) that in having this formula, the writing got sloppy and lazy. The feel of the last season was different and the story lines had holes and gaps in it that we brushed off (Did Quinn forget his hunch about Dexter being a serial killer?), possibly in not wanting to see the truth, that TV’s favourite serial killer didn’t have the same effect on us. It was almost as if, he lost his mojo.

I can go on and on about other seasons, but in what was to be Dexter’s final season, I had hope in thinking that the story lines would get tighter and that everything would come together in the end. Now, the series finale did have some strong points . . . for a season finale, to have this be the SERIES FINALE was very disappointing. There are a couple of things I liked in the finale, so I’ll focus on those key points first.

The finale saw a hurricane heading towards Miami names Hurricane Laura, which funny enough was the name of Dexter’s mom. I’ll get back to this point in just a few.

Why wasn’t Dr.Evelyn Vogel ever mentioned in earlier seasons?

Dr. Evelyn Vogel arrives on the scene to help Dexter with his "dark passenger".

Dr. Evelyn Vogel arrives on the scene to help Dexter with his “dark passenger”.

This season saw the introduction of Dr.Evelyn Vogel, a psychiatrist who’s penned books about her clients, which happened to be some of the worlds most well-known serial killers. We are introduced to her and quickly find out that she was the one who advised and taught Harry Morgan (Dexter’s Dad) “The Code” in order for Dexter to be able to try to live a normal life, in being a serial killer. Mid way through this season we find out she was actually the person who made Dexter into the serial killer we’ve come to know (and yes, love).

Wouldn’t it have been way more interesting and impactful introducing her this season, and as an audience being able to tie in the characters and make that dramatic connection? Now, I’m not saying she had to be an on-screen presence in seasons past but even mentioning her in past seasons, would have made her debut in the final season much more meaningful. Case in point, when she dies by the hands of her deranged serial killer son Saxon, which happens to be the shows final big threat to Dexter, because she was just introduced this season, her death didn’t really bother fans.

Let’s kill a main character in the least impactful way possible.

Deborah Morgan meets her fate in the series finale.

Deborah Morgan meets her fate in the series finale.

I understand a series finale is huge and most of the time sees one of the show’s favourite characters die. This rang true in the finale but the way it happened was just so . . . lame. At one point after being shot, Deb is rushed to the hospital, has vital signs and is talking to Quinn. Then out of nowhere Dexter receives a call and finds out Deb needs to have emergency surgery, during the surgery her brain was deprived of oxygen. In the end, Deb was on life support, being kept awake by machines. Dexter then decides to pull the plug on Deb. Really?? The shows most loved character (next to Dexter of course) goes out by a complication in surgery?? It would have been more impactful to have Deb die after a big fight with Saxon (this season’s villain). Not only does Dexter make the decision to pull the plug and save Deb from pain, which to Dexter, he has brought on, he removes her body from the hospital, brings her on his boat, and proceeds to dump her body in the ocean. That makes total sense, why not take Dexter’s ritual for killing all his past villains and do the same to his sister? I just don’t understand where this makes sense. Why would Dexter dump his sister’s body? Again this just seemed like lazy writing. If one of your biggest and most loved character is going to die, at least let them go out with a bang. Complications from surgery is very weak. At least Dr. Evelyn Vogel went out in dramatic fashion – having her throat slashed from her deranged, lunatic son.

Let’s make the series last villain a joke. 

Dexter takes out Saxon, his final enemy.

Dexter takes out Saxon, his final enemy of the series.

Speaking of Dr. Vogel’s son, Saxon, that brings me to my next point. The final season should have seen a villain who wouldn’t stop at nothing until Dexter was dead. This wasn’t really the case with Saxon. It seemed as though he had more mommy issues than anything and really seemed that his greatest accomplishment would be to kill his mom (Dr.Evelyn Vogel). We’ll give the writers kudos on this point, his kill was gruesome and great. That’s where the compliments for this character end. Most of the time when Saxon was on the screen, he gave off this weird, bulge-eyed look, which lead to laughing and snickering under my breath. Not only was the last villain in the series a joke, but the way he was killed off was as well. While being held, after being caught by Miami Metro PD, Dexter decides to pay him a visit. While in the cell, Dexter taunts and initiates a physical response from Saxon. Dexter sees this as his opening to get rid of him once and for all, stabbing him in the throat with a pen. It would be hard to get out of this one for Dexter, but he claims self-defence which backed up by Batista and Quinn. Where was the kill room? Why wasn’t Saxon caught and on a table, wrapped up in true Dexter fashion like all his other big kills?

How do we end an iconic series? In the most disrespectful way possible. 

A bearded Dexter looks into the camera, as the series comes to an end

A bearded Dexter glares into the camera, as the series comes to an end.

After Dexter dumps Deb’s body into the ocean, he realizes that all these years he’s been trying to protect the people he loves from evil outside factors but it was Dexter who was causing this to occur all along. In making his final realization, he drives the “Slice of Life” boat into the hurricane which is now gaining steam and is present in the ocean. The next day, Dexter’s boat is found in pieces. Batista receives a call that Dexter’s boat has been found and he is presumed dead, as his body was missing. The Miami newspaper picks up the story. Hannah McKay reads the article while waiting for Dexter to meet her and Harrison in Argentina. The scene then fades to black. The next scene sees a lumberjack hauling tree trunks/wood in the distance. As the shot gets closer, you realize it’s indeed Dexter. How did he survive a Miami hurricane? As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the hurricane which was ascending on Miami was named Laura, which was Dexter’s mom’s first name. Dexter was born in a pool of blood, after witnessing the murder of his mother. This was considered as his mother seeing Dexter re-born. The holes in the story are present until the very end here folks. Dexter is shown, now sporting a beard, entering his little cabin/shack-like house. All the while narrating and stating that the most dangerous person that he had to protect against his family was himself. The series ends with Dexter, staring into the camera.

My Final Verdict:

I understand with such an iconic show, you can’t have the lead character kill himself, because it would seem like a cop-out. Fans would be pissed, and rightfully so. However, instead of years of serial killing finally catching up with Dexter, the writers thought it would be more believable to have him fake his death and live in isolation for the rest of his life. As a fan, I would have been happier with a lot more possible endings to the series. Harrison was born in blood, just like Dexter. I would have loved to see Harrison have the “dark passenger” as well. If Dexter was caught, and finally met his fate (death penalty in Florida) it could have been written so well. I understand a serial killer shouldn’t have a  happy ending, which is why it didn’t end with him living with Hannah and Harrison, but if it was written in a more realistic way, even if his fate was a horrible ending, it would have been much more dramatic and would have been a series finale people would have been talking about for years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, people will be talking about this series finale as well. Unfortunately, I can’t see many positive conversations regarding it.

What are your thoughts about the series finale? Have your say in the comment section below.

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