This season of ‘Big Brother’ has definitely been a season shrouded in controversy. Whether it was due to racial or homophobic slurs, or just plain cattiness. This season seemed to be the season full of drama and unwanted attention directed towards CBS. They say in show business that “any publicity is good publicity” and this definitely rang true for this season’s crop of house guests. In fact, CBS even had to run a disclaimer before each episode stating that they are not responsible for the opinions or actions of those inside the house- a first for the long running reality show.

Regardless of all the horrible views and comments this past season, last night was the ‘Big Brother 15’ finale. It saw the three part HOH competition play out, with GinaMarie winning the first part and Andy winning the second and third/final HOH competition of the summer (which allowed him to choose who he wanted sitting next to him in the end). Even though he was aligned with Spencer throughout the game, he had made a final two deal with GinaMarie on the very first day of the game and kept his word. Spencer was evicted from the house and we had the final HOH competition come down to Andy and GineMarie. The competition (as it is every year on finale night) was a trivia game based quiz on how members of the jury would answer with a question presented to them. When it was all said and done, Andy prevailed (no offense but when it comes to knowledge based comps, who would put their money on GinaMarie?).

This season has been disappointing in terms of game play. No real back stabbing was done, no big alliances dominated the game (in fact, the first alliance crumbled extremely early on). The same can be said by the appearance of ‘Big Brother’ winner and legend Dr. Will Kirby. He was on the show to grill the jury members about the final two house guests. There wasn’t a lot of grilling and it seemed as though Dr.Will was almost in training to be a talk show host. He didn’t stir the pot between jury members or initiate fighting (as he was so well known for in the house).

Another cringing moment was when Julie Chen gave Andy and Gina Marie a final moment to address the jury and tell them as to why their vote should go to them. GinaMarie would have been better off saying nothing at all. She reverted to saying that she is GinaMarie and is the best she can be, while Andy gave a poignant, well worded speech which included how he had to manipulate and play both sides of the house from the very first day of being in the game.

At the end of the day, when all votes were cast, Andy was crowned the winner of ‘Big Brother 15’. If you would have asked us early on who we wanted to see crowned as the winner of this season, we would have never thought in a million years that it would be Andy. Regardless, at the end of the day, no matter how you slice it, he played a great social game, gained trust of every single house guest and used that to his advantage to further himself in the game week after week and played the social experiment known as ‘Big Brother’ to a t.

We still have our fingers crossed for an All-Stars season with past house guests who will lie, and throw their mothers under the bus in order to get their hands on the grand prize. Wouldn’t that be amazing? We’re just hoping CBS makes it happen … and soon!

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