Big Brother 15

It’s summer, and you know what that means, long days, BBQ’s, beach getaways, backstabbing, alliances and betrayal. Think those last few points don’t factor in? They do when we’re talking about the brand new season of ‘Big Brother’!

This is the show’s fifteenth season, and it promises to be bigger than ever. The show has already delivered on that promise, by stating the season two weeks earlier than usual, as well as having a cast of sixteen brand new house guests, as opposed to the usual fourteen.

Host, Julie Chen, took ET and ET Canada on an exclusive house tour. The house has been revamped to include a modern-day sixties inspired theme (which we love), a newly renovated washroom that resembles a spa and a newly revamped HOH (Head Of Household) room. One major difference fans will notice is that the two nomination chairs have been replaced with a couch. Julie Chen let us in the reasoning for this change, and it has to do with America playing a role in the game. Our thoughts on this is that the house guests will not have the power to nominate to evict, instead it will be up to America to vote each week. How awesome would that be?

Check out the exclusive video tour below w/ Julie Chen and let us know in the comments section below what you hope to see in the biggest season yet of ‘Big Brother’.


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