Up next in our edition of ‘Big Brother Canada’ House Guest interviews, we’ll be talking to the wrestling loving, somewhat diary room yelling, and masterminding co-founder member of “The Sheyld”; Peter!

In this exclusive interview, Peter let’s us in on his strategy of playing the game, who he would have trusted besides Alec, which alliance he felt could have run the entire game, being compared to ‘Big Brother’ royalty Chill-Town, and of course his infamous comments to Jillian on finale night.


First off, congrats on being part of the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’! What was the whole process like being chosen as a contestant before entering the house and at any time, how surreal did it feel?

Thank you so much, it was truly a privilege to be a part of the first season of “Big Brother Canada.” I expect the process of getting selected is much like being accepted to Hogwarts, full of magic. The entire experience was surreal, being in the house was so overwhelmingly amazing it’s hard to put into words.

As we all know, you’re a big fan of the game. How crazy was it receiving a key confirming you would be one of the first house guest on the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’?

I’ve seen every American season, so receiving my keycard to enter the house felt incredible. Once it truly hit me that I’d be going in I finally allowed myself to be excited.

What was your strategy before entering the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house and did it change once you stepped foot through the front door?

My initial strategy was fairly simply: make people happy and say “Yes” as often as possible. I knew I had to find someone to trust unconditionally and be the person others needed me to be, not the person I wanted to be. My strategy didn’t change the entire game from the one I outlined before entering.

Living in a house with complete strangers can have some ups and downs (mostly downs). Which houseguest(s) got on your nerves the most and why?

For me the transition to living with 14 other people wasn’t too difficult. We all became a family really quickly, like any good Canadian would. In the beginning it was easy to avoid certain annoyances by just moving to another room where there would be a different cluster of people. At one point or another I’m sure that everyone got on my nerves, but I can easily find something positive to say about all of them.

Peter and Alec

Peter and Alec talk game in the diary room, and let Canada in on what “The Sheyld” has in store for the rest of the house guests.

On the flip side, we all know you were very close with Alec in the house, but was there anyone else besides him that you feel you could have made a strong two person alliance with and trust in a final two scenario?

I honestly felt close to Emmett for the entire game, and had Alec not been in there I really think Emmett would have been my go-to guy. Also, had I gotten to Liza earlier than I did then I think we really could have done some damage, but by that point Quattro had formed and her ‘nomance’ with Tom was already in full stride.

Early on in the season we saw the formation of Quattro – an alliance consisting of Tom, Emmett, Alec and yourself. Did you ever feel in your heart of hearts that the four of you could possibly have made it to the final four?

I really think that Quattro could have run the entire game, but Tom began making impulsive and irrational decisions which meant he had to be dealt with, but, had that not happened, there wasn’t anything that really could have stopped us.

We saw you get a little close to Liza in the house, how different do you feel your alliance could have been with her if Tom’s insecurities didn’t get in the way/between you two?

I felt a very strong connection to Liza on both a personal and game level, and I think that if it wasn’t a double eviction night she would have stayed and we would have been able to do damage control on the perception of her in the house, but, she was too close to Tom and the relationship between her and I was difficult to maintain publicly because of that.


Peter gets close to Liza early on in the game, forming a strong bond and ally in the house.

Peter gets close to Liza early on in the game, forming a strong bond and ally in the house.

You getting close with Liza in the house, was that all gameplay/strategy or was there some emotions starting to bubble up?

I immediately recognized Liza as someone who saw the game in much the same way I do, so aligning with her was a rational decision. However, game aside, I did form a personal relationship with her, which I honestly didn’t expect to happen within the house, and I wish we would have had more time together in the house.

“The Sheyld” has to be one of the greatest ‘Big Brother’ alliances in the history of the game (including US version too of course). Fans have even compared you and Alec to Boogie and WIll – previous winners and all-stars of the game. During DR’s, comps, throughout the game, did it ever feel that way for at least a moment, or did that not even cross your mind?

Alec and I formed the fastest alliance in the history of the game, haha, it was literally our first conversation, and we sincerely appreciate any support we get. “The Sheyld” certainly come from the “Chill Town” school of Big Brother, and we both idolize Will Kirby. We didn’t want to outright copy them, but, they had an unbreakable friendship and so did we, plus, we’re all guys who understand the game and like to have fun with it, so it’s an absolute honour to be mentioned in the same breath of those gentleman.

“The Sheyld” was formed to bring an end to injustice in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house. Do you feel like yourself and Alec accomplished this goal?

No, unfortunately we didn’t. We wanted to steal the game, and then when that couldn’t happen anymore, we wanted to steal Jury… Which also didn’t happen, haha. Whoops.

In the “SAY YES” challenge, where you were given the task to eat a salad, to give readers an idea, exactly how hard was it for you to actually finish it?

I have a lot of issues when it comes to food. I don’t try new things, it’s very difficult for me, but I knew I didn’t want to be on Slop for another week and I didn’t want any of the other House Guests to be on it either. I kept telling myself that if I wanted to eat later I had to eat this now, but what helped the most was Topaz, Alec, and Emmett encouraging me through it.

Peter answering the 'Big Brother Canada' phone in the "SAY YES" Challenge

Peter answering the ‘Big Brother Canada’ phone in the “SAY YES” Challenge

The night you were evicted, before leaving the house, you sat on the stairs and said a cryptic-like poem to the house. What did it mean and what were you hoping the others would take away from it?

I knew if I was ever evicted I wanted to leave in a way that was truly unique, instead of the tired old hugging routine. I had to fake a lot of humanity in the house, and I wanted to show the remaining House Guests that there was an entire other side of me that they hadn’t met in there. I was always completely honest in the Diary Room, and I aimed to find “the real me” within the house, but, in the end, that confession meant nothing.

On finale night, your question to Jillian was a loaded one, right before you called her an idiot. Do you feel as though she wasn’t deserving to be in the final two situation and could a strongly worded/crafted answer from her have swayed your vote at all?

Jillian is a great person, but we have very different philosophies when it comes to Big Brother. My objective with the question was to make it initially jarring and then actually have substance. I know how Jill reacts in just about every situation, so I had to ensure she would stumble and fumble through the question, which she did. Had she simply told me something to the effect of “I’m in the end because I lied and backstabbed all of you and I did it with a smile on my face,” then I would have voted for her.

If you could have changed one thing in the game (excluding yourself being evicted of course) what would it have been and why?

The Instant Eviction ultimately began the downfall of “The Sheyld”, and had we been able to talk for a few minutes with Topaz, then Andrew would have went and the game would have been drastically different, but, Alec and I had run the scenario previously about what we would do in that situation, and, whether you believe it or not, we’re men of our word.

Finally, now that ‘Big Brother Canada’ has wrapped what is the best way for fans to stay connected with you and will you be documenting your experience in any way on your You Tube channel? (Plug away sir, plug away).

I will continue to be very active on social media. You can follow me on Twitter (@alsopeterbrown) and, yes, I respond quite often, even to haters. I will also resume my YouTube channel ( where I’ll share some of my thoughts on Big Brother and other current events. Alec and I will also likely be doing a “Sheyld  Show” to discuss the upcoming American season of Big Brother as well. So, I’m not going anywhere, and there may be big things on the horizon but… House Guests are not allowed to talk about Production.


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