Grey's Anatomy Not many shows live to see 8 seasons, let alone 10, but when they do, you can bet that it isn’t by fluke. As of today, you can add the TV drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to that prestigious list.

Creator Shondra Rhimes tweeted today, that the show has been officially picked up for a historical tenth season. The show was in limbo a couple of years back, with contract negotiations/talks but as some characters have been written off, new interns entering the hospital, the show has found a new life. Writing has never been more intriguing, nail-biting, joyous and funny. Which is very rare to have all of those elements in a dramatic medical drama and written in cleverly, may we add.

With a lot of great TV shows being cancelled by networks due to live ratings being too low (even though digital/PVR are high) it’s refreshing to see a network stand behind their content.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 9PM EST on abc.


  1. Great post! My husband and I honestly loved reading your page.
    How soon do you add posts? You’re seriously motivating!

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