TRUE BLOOD S6Usually summer means most TV shows go on hiatus or are completed and most likely will return in the fall, but an interesting trend has been occurring as of late. TV shows have been premiering in the summer. Why you ask? It’s quite simple, less clutter on the tube, means your show (if gained interest by viewers) will most likely be a ratings success. Years ago, this rang true with HBO’s ‘True Blood’. The show has garnered a cult following and has been a mega-successful show fr the network from the very beginning. Besides, who wouldn’t like an interesting plot (vampires trying to co-exist with humans in present day Louisiana), sex, drugs and drama, lots and lots of drama.

‘True Blood’ is back for Season 6 this summer, and it looks like a war is brewing. In this official trailer from HBO, it looks like humans have finally had enough of the vampires (and the wolf pack as well for that matter) and are looking to be the sole race on the planet.

We told you there was drama!

Check out the preview below for all the craziness like on ‘True Blood’ can deliver. The show returns for Season 6 June 16 at 9PM /8C on HBO.

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