Dexter Season 8 Poster As Dexter Morgan would say: “It’s Time”. Showcase’s hit TV show DEXTER’ will be coming to an end, airing its final season of the series June 30th at 9PM EST.

With the final season quickly approaching, Showcase has release a teaser trailer for Season 8. This one sees Dexter Morgan by day, serial killer by night. Dexter is narrating the spot, stating that his mask has been lifted and the monster within exposed. FInally asking himself, if the charade can go on forever or if he has hit a dead-end. In the final moments of the teaser, much like the newest promotional poster, it sees Dexter as the one underneath the clear wrap, tied to a table, which as fans know, is usually set aside as the ultimate end for his victims.


One thing is safe to say, you can not miss the explosive final season!

‘DEXTER’ Season 8 premieres June 30th at 9PM EST on Showcase. In the meantime, check out the teaser below and make sure to check out the show’s official site to fulfill your ‘DEXTER’ fix!

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