The ‘Big Brother’ game motto for years (in the US) has been; “Expect the Unexpected” and that definitely rang true with last night’s inaugural ‘Big Brother Canada’ season finale. A mistaken vote by a juror saw the crowning of the first ever ‘Big Brother Canada’ winner (by mistake). We’ll get into that a little later on in the post, but first we have to tell you what brought the final two contestants together.

The final HOH competition was a three parter, with the first competition being all about endurance. Each contestant (Emmet, Jillian & Gary) had to balance on an air-filled type resistance balls, while balancing a bucket of blood (really red paint) propping it up with a large metal like pole. The first winner of this round would sit comfortably until the final round as the first two contestants to be eliminated  would face each other to see who goes on to the final third round/HOH competition. Jillian was the first to lose balance, causing her paint bucket to drop. Her time was just over an hour. Gary was not so quick to follow. Although he was the second eliminated from this round of the competition, he lasted a remarkable 4 hours plus! Emmet wins the first comp, advancing to the finals. The second part of the HOH competition saw an obstacle course in a carnival style theme. (one thing that we can say about this first season is that all the competitions were very well done). Everyone assumed this may have been Jillian’s strong suit as she is more active and fit than Gary, but nobody should ever under-estimate Gary’s “Power of Glitter” as he beat Jillian with the shortest time, allowing him to advance to the final HOH competition against Emmet.

The final round of the HOH competition was a quiz based game (as it always is). However, Emmett and Gary were neck and neck both being tied with answers, until Gary came out on top, beating Emmet in the final round. It was then time for Gary to evict a player of his choosing. “Gary Glitter” did what was best for his game, voting out Emmet and bring Jillian to the final two with him, as he knew he would most likely get the jury votes over her. In the game of ‘Big Brother’ however, nothing is ever as it seems . . .


The ‘Big Brother Canada’ Final Three: Jillian, Gary and Emmett.

Arisa Cox introduced the jury members, and they were all able to ask a house guest of their choosing one question before casting their votes of who they wanted to see WIN the game. (Perhaps, Topaz should have been paying more attention to this crucial rule of the game when host Arisa Cox mentioned it several times). The only jury question which was remotely entertaining was from Peter, calling Jillian “Villian” and asking why she should win the game without using Emmet or competitions as a crutch in her answer. Jillian seemed flustered and not very cool under pressure, stating a strong social game as the reason for her to win, although she did mention competitions on numerous occasions in her answer, it was done while yelling almost at the top of her lungs.

After Arisa introduced the other house guests which were evicted early on in the game, and getting their perspectives on the season, it was time for the jury to vote live as to who they wanted to see win ‘Big Brother Canada’. Usually in the game of ‘Big Brother’ house guests vote to evict, as to who they don’t want to be in the house anymore. Looking at the jury and playing the numbers game it was safe to assume that Jillian had three votes locked in (Emmet, Andrew and Talla), but what the audience wasn’t ready for was a mistake made by a jury member, which ultimately crowned the ‘Big Brother Canada’ champion by mistake! When host Arisa Cox was revealing the keys as to how each jury member voted, shockingly when she pulled out Topaz’s key, she had cast her vote for Jillian. Immediately Topaz raised her hand in disbelief, saying the vote was wrong and even arguing that her vote must have been switched or changed by someone. In the game of ‘Big Brother’, cameras are always rolling, so after taking a commercial break to get everything back on track, footage was replayed showing Topaz locking in her key to vote for Jillian, which was a shock because Gary was her best friend in the game. Obviously this was a massive mistake on Topaz’s part as in her mind, she was most likely voting for who she wanted NOT to win (as she has been used to evicting someone from the game). Perhaps she should have paid more attention during her time locking in her vote instead of claiming her vote was 150% secure and playing for the cameras (mocking Jillian in the process).

Here’s how the votes from the jury members officially went down:

  • Emmett voted for Jillian
  • AJ voted for Gary
  • Talla voted for Jillian
  • Alec voted for Gary
  • Topaz voted for Jillian (by mistake)
  • Peter voted for Gary
  • Andrew voted for Jillian

Topaz’s vote single handily cost Gary the grand prize and handed the winnings over to Jillian. Now, we must state that Jillian did play a good game, she made big moves. Sure she lied a lot and went back on her word, but this is ‘Big Brother’ and it is expected. There’s no doubt that she was deserving to be in the spot she was, but to win the game by a jury member’s mistake is rough. Her win will forever be tarnished, Gary in the process was robbed of the grand prize and quite simply, Topaz will forever be known as the girl who was the deciding factor in crowing the first ever winner of ‘Big Brother Canada’ – majorly screwing up in the process.

One thing is safe to say, this season has been full of twists, surprises and drama. Even in recap shows, we were entertained. Not once did we ever change the channel or were on our smart phones finding other forms of entertainment.  Some fans have criticized the game with everything from production blunders to host mishaps, but we have to admit, we were hooked from the very beginning and no matter what people say (everyone is entitled to their own opinions) the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’ delivered in every possible way. SLICE (the network ‘Big Brother Canada’ airs on) saw a huge ratings success with the show as well, holding a captive audience with millions tuning in three times a week. Sure the finale outcome was not what anyone was expecting and we believe the wrong person had won, but it is what it is and the first-ever season of ‘Big Brother Canada’ is now in the books.

What were your thoughts of last night’s finale and the season as a whole? What was your favourite moment in the house and who was the most entertaining to watch? Let us know in the comment section below.

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