'Big Brother Canada': Tom

‘Big Brother Canada’ fans knew him as the somewhat tough and arrogant member of Cuatro (the only remaining alliance from the show’s debut), the hot-tempered jock and the man whose showmance seemed to get in the way of his game. In this exclusive interview, Tom opens up about his life inside the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house, the reasoning why he believed he was voted out, his famous feud with Suzette, the “shower incident” and who he wants to see take home the grand prize.

Why did you apply to be on ‘Big Brother Canada’, were you a fan of the US version before applying?

Big Brother is my all time favourite reality TV show. I have always known in my heart that I would eventually be on ‘Big Brother’. I contemplated moving to California just to apply.

Before going into the house, you had mentioned you really didn’t have a strategy and were going to wing it. Do you feel like that changed quickly?

Absolutely !! After being put up on the block right away , I knew I had to compete…

Which house guests got on your nerves during the time in the house? 

I think it’s fair to say that everyone except Liza got on my nerves at one point. That’s life. I really wanted to stay in a positive mindset all the time, but that is impossible when you’re in that house.


Liza & Tom get comfortable throughout the game.

Liza & Tom get comfortable and grow closer during their time in the house.

Which house guests made your time in the reality show house tolerable/fun?

Liza really kept everything calm and chill for me. But I had the most fun with the boys. Working out , throwing the football , just guy stuff…That keeps me sane.

You were definitely a physical threat in the house, winning a HOH and two POV competitions. Do you feel like this put a target on your back earlier than you had hoped?

I wish that I could have been there longer to win more. I would have one more. I honestly felt empty in that last POV challenge. My first two practice shots were right on the button. That was my competition to lose, and I did. Of course this put a target on my back. The majority of this cast fueled their game moves by insecurity and fear.

How much paranoia runs through your head while living in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house? 

There is really only two thoughts going through a player’s mind. ” What do I think of everyone? ” and ” What do they think of me ?”… It is always a battle between positive and negative instincts.

What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment for you and your game play?

I’d have to say my biggest accomplishment was leaving the game with my integrity and morals intact. I’m a strong contender that wants to win. I lost, but I did not demoralize myself.


Tom confides in his closest friend in the house; Emmett.

Tom confides in his closest friend in the house; Emmett.

You and Emmett made a strong alliance at the very start of the game. What are your thoughts of him voting you out and siding with the house?

For the record, that was MY doing. Emmett wanted to sulk like a little puppy. I stayed strong and became the leader we needed that first week. Why did I bother ? Emmett knew I was leaving. He never gave me the chance to fight. Just a pity vote. I have watched everything now, and I know that he truly only had his best interests at heart. I hope he doesn’t lose this game with the regret of not trusting me. But if he does lose, he will regret not trusting me.

Your feud with Suzette was well documented throughout the game and at times we could tell she was able to get under your skin very easily. How annoying was it making your speech, talking to her, and her laughing at the entire situation?

I honestly tried keeping my cool during my nomination speech . . .  (haha). . . but she was snickering !!! I thought it was so rude! I wanted to say something positive about the both of them. Gary and Suzette are wonderful people…BUT I got a little angry and annoyed. My temper blew up inside of me , and my body was shaking . . . (haha). . . way to much emotion.

You and Liza had a strong connection in the house. How important was that showmance/relationship for you in the game?

Our nomance was very strong. I wanted to be with her until the end. I can truly say that I was catching on to Emmett’s un-trusting behaviour. Looking back at it now , I would have probably went final two with Liza. However , I would have never voted Emmett out and I would have done anything I could to have saved him.

Was there any point in time that you questioned her alliance with you, thinking it might have been a possibility that she was using you to further herself in the game?

Oh for sure!! Everyone in the house told me that. I believed it for about five hours. I did not sleep all night (after the Topaz fight ) because I was searching my soul. What did I find? The Truth. She had my back since day one and I have hers.


Tom Plant talks game with host Arisa Cox shortly after his eviction.

Tom Plant talks game with host Arisa Cox shortly after his eviction.

We have to ask about the ‘Shower Incident”. For those that may not have known, you opened the shower door on a fellow house guest (Alec) while he was showering. Was it meant as a rib/joke and do you feel like it was blown out of proportion?

It was blown out of proportion. I do not know how real his tears were, or if he was just slopped out (3 weeks on slop).. nothing was shown, and they would have informed him that. Alec is an actor, a liar and he uses women to get further in the game. Total Douche. Be a man , win a HOH and make your own moves.

Do you think you played the game too hard too fast, putting a target on your back from early on in the game?

I had to play that way. Everything I attempted to do, or had planned, has happened. Not in specific order, but my moves are being played out in the game.

Out of the remaining house guests, who do you think is playing the best game?

Without her knowing it, Jillian.

Who do you want to see crowned as the winner of the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’?

Talla , Jillian or Emmett.


‘Big Brother Canada’ airs Wednesdays, Thursday and Sundays on Slice!

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