BBCAN Suzette

‘Big Brother Canada’ fans know her as the show’s resident mom, who in the first episode of the show, answered a phone call, which ultimately set the course for the rest of her game play. In this candid interview, Suzette opens up about life in the house, who the one person was she could trust in the game, her feud with Tom, why she believes she was such a big target in the house since the very beginning and who she wants to see win the grand prize.

What made you want to apply to be on ‘Big Brother Canada’? Were you a fan of the American version of the show?

I’ve always been an über fan of BBUSA. I’ve watched every season, every after dark and followed all the tweets. I work in a women’s & children’s shelter as a support worker and would watch the show with my clients and would think it would be amazing to be on the show, especially, when the announcement was made that it was coming to Canada. I dreamed to be on the show, so, wow; it’s been a dream come true.

Did you have any favourite past ‘Big Brother’ house guests and if so, did you try to incorporate any of their game play into yours before stepping into the house?

My favourites were always Janelle and Rachel. They were both so incredible at the game, very athletic competitive wise and amazing fighters. My competitive nature on the comps is all I can really say I incorporated that would have been on the same level as the two but my game play was definitely off par with them. LOL.


The BBCAN phone altered Suzette’s game play from the very beginning of the game.

I was hoping to be somewhat of a floater, lay low behind the scenes, be fun and ride coat tails. Although, when I entered the house I felt as though it was a fight to stay in. It was was tough to be a part of or create alliances being that there were three couples, the “bedmance” of AJ and Andrew, and the alliances with all the boys. They had the numbers so my name was in constant conversations, mostly because I figured out the alliances as early as week two.

You were the first house guest that had a bullseye on them for answering the ‘Big Brother Canada’ phone and in doing so, being rewarded as the first Head of Household. What was going through your mind when you were on the phone? 

I had mixed emotions. It went from “Yay! OMG! First HOH in the history of Big Brother Canada!” to “Oh No! Now I will be a target and next week I can possibly go home.” It was nerve racking and felt like the game had started and I was forced to start only minutes into entering the house. My strategy went out the window.

Do you feel like the call impacted your game in a negative way? 

Yes, it definitely did. I was hoping to lay low, but no matter what, I knew I would eventually be a target early on.

Suzette and her BBCAN "bestie" Gary

Suzette and her BBCAN “bestie” Gary

It’s no secret that you and Gary were extremely tight in the house. Would you say he was the one person that kept you grounded and made living in the house a little bit more tolerable? 

YES! Gary is my BBCAN bestie! We were loyal to each other and had a FAB FUN time! I felt as though he was always genuine, kind, honest and real. It ain’t easy being in a house full of strangers with people you may or may not have much in common with but Gary and I found a lot in common and supported each other.

On the opposite side of things, were there any house guests that got on your nerves and were difficult to live with? 

In a house of strangers there are so many strong personalities, habits and behaviours  You may like some people and may not like others, it took a bit to adjust. LOL. Tom’s character was difficult prior to him ending up being on the block. Though I have no negative things to say about Tom. Before he left the house we squashed our feud. You get use to everyone and learn to tolerate people’s personalities 😉

If you can put it into words, what is it like living in the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house? 

Fun & A Mind-Trip!

Your feud with Tom was well documented throughout the game. Is there anything you regretted doing/saying or in regards to him or his game play? or at the end of the day do you chalk this up as an experience and let the pieces fall where they are?

The feud between Tom and I definitely seemed more exaggerated on TV. I did regret calling him a “redneck” and I exhibited poor sportsmanship behaviour which, I was not proud of. I also engaged in being a part of the gossip around the house. I wished I’d addressed it before it had escalated. Watching the recaps, I found I wasn’t the only one who had their issues with Tom. I feel as though it is what it is and am happy I don’t have a guilty conscience. I made apologies and have no hard/negative feelings towards the “Tom Drama”.

Suzette walks out of the 'Big Brother Canada' house, after being evicted.

Suzette walks out of the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house, after being evicted.

Do you feel like you were targeted because the other house guests couldn’t relate to you? (Being a mom and talking about your kids often).

I feel as though I was targeted because I was like the odd man out and reacted in a negative way regarding Tom. Also I was a wild card, I knew who the alliances were and who was in power and wasn’t afraid of making moves. In regards to my personal life and being relatable to the other houseguests, I feel as though it only contributed in a small way. We all share personal stories in the house and I had no intention of using my stories to invoke emotions or thoughts in others.

If you could rewind and change one thing in the game (excluding your eviction) what would it be and why? 

I would change my first two nominations! LOL. I was thinking by putting up these two guys, that the rest of the house would see them as a physical threat and that it would have possibly worked in my favour. Another thought was to evict them being because, initially it’s a number game and there were so many strong players. That obviously didn’t work out that way, because the two nominations I put up on the block ended up being in showmances. LOL.

Out of the remaining house guests, who do you think will win it all and take home the grand prize? 


‘Big Brother Canada’ airs Wednesdays, Thursday and Sundays on Slice!


  1. Does anyone actually care? She is low income trash.. talking about Tom not visiting Vancouver or her and her native broskis would take care of him.. This chunky low IQ’d mother of 3 is a disgrace. Emmet was right, she went on and on with the guilt trip. If you can’t afford 3 kids, and complain about making ends meet.. CLOSE YOUR LEGS.

    • Danny,
      You really have no idea what you are talking about, Suzette is an amazing woman. She works at a shelter helping people with addictions, that are being abused and are homelessness. She is a caring mother, amazing photographer, (music) band manager and radio host. Additionally, Suz is an inspiration to a lot of First Nations youth and adults. Big Brother is a game, you have to be a player to play, if you think that everything that is being said on the show is true, you are a big dumb***.
      PS. What you hate in people is usually a reflection of what you hate in yourself

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