SUITSIt’s going to be a busy summer for the USA network again as they have released the premiere dates of their hit TV shows, which also includes the network’s wildly popular show; ‘SUITS’.  The network confirmed that Season 3 of ‘SUITS’ will premiere on July 16th at 10PM.

Season 3 will focus on two major story lines which were highlighted in season two and left us as part of the cliff hanger; a fallout of the firm’s merger as Harvey and Jessica aren’t seeing eye to eye. Also, Rachel and Mike test the waters of their new sexual relationship.

Check out the official first promo for the third season below and get ready for one hot summer!


  1. well other than the fact that Harvey takes over the firm by filing a law suit against Jessica which would cost her 25,000.000 USD had she gone to court because he found out about her plot to throw him out by supplying Daniel with all the info about the dirty jobs Harvey did in the past, there isn’t much to be watch in this season.

    • and why the hell did you ruine this on us 🙂

    • You are a horrible person. Why give spoilers away, some of us have been waiting months.

    • leighton says:

      Your a Fucking Dick dude! i swear to god ive been waiting months for this. i dont understand why you’d do this shit to someone, probably because of the safety of ur computer guarantee u dont go to the cinema and shout out the spoilers face to face…Selfish BASTARD

  2. Marthias says:

    Well done mike, u are my best character.
    And am eager to see u in season three am working on my SAT and weather am good enough or not good in my life time am heading to Harvard the most prestigious university on planet earth.

  3. 7thgrade says:

    check out a blogpost on the season premier

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