‘Big Brother Canada’ debuted on Slice TV in late February to huge ratings. No surprise there as Canadian viewers make up the majority of viewing audience for the US hit reality show. Our Chief Blogger Rick Cerenzia was able to pick the brain of the third evicted ‘Big Brother Canada’ house guest; Aneal. In this exclusive interview, Aneal lets us in on life inside the hit reality TV show house, who he couldn’t stand, a secret alliance he had with another house guest and who he thinks will win the inaugural season and take home the grand prize.

As a huge fan of the US version of ‘Big Brother’ what did it feel like to step foot and play in the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’?
The feeling was unreal. It felt out of this world. Watching the American one and being Canadian has always been so frustrating knowing you could never play the game so the fact that I had that chance was amazing.

Early on in the season we saw your inner saboteur released, when you were planting Gary’s glitter around the house (which we loved), to ruffle the feathers of your fellow house guests and take the target off you. Did you go into the house with the mind-set to stir the pot?
I actually didn`t intend to be someone who stirred the pot at all. My wheels were always turning in that house on how I could get attention on someone else that wasn`t me, and Gary`s messy habits were already starting to annoy the house guests so that plan just fell into my hands.

On TV it seemed as though you were a neutral competitor and really playing for yourself (not getting side tracked with showmances, alliances etc) if there was one house guest you could align and have a secret alliance with, who would it have been?
One thing the viewers didn`t get to see before the live feeds launched was Liza and I had a secret alliance. She was feeding me all the information from the boys, and she played a huge part in convincing Tom to keep me around when I was on the block week 2. I think had I stayed in the house, with Liza working the boys and myself getting closer to the girls, we could have done some serious damage.

Were there any house guests that got on your nerves and were difficult to live with?
Suzette was very hard to live with in the sense that she only talked about how famous she was going to be and all the things that would happen after. I realized that she wasn`t here for the game, but for other opportunities and hearing that over and over really annoyed me. Gary and AJ were very difficult to live with cause they didn`t really clean up after themselves, both great guys but not the best roommates.

Where do you stand on showmances? Good or Bad idea?
I am a sucker for a showmance, Jeff and Jordan, Brendan and Rachel and Shane and Danielle were very fun to watch. In the game sense they aren`t the worse thing, Jordan and Rachel did end up winning their season. However, 3 showmances in one season works better cause the target of the showmance is split three ways, and that`s why I feel Jillette, Alpaz and Lizom haven`t been keeping their romance on the down low.

Aneal leaves the 'Big Brother Canada' house after being evicted as a result of the first major twist of the season.

Aneal leaves the ‘Big Brother Canada’ house after being evicted as a result of the first major twist of the season.

You were the victim of BBCAN’s first major twist of the game. Canada was given the power to veto one of Tom’s (the then current HOH) nominations. Canada took Suzette off the block, forcing Tom to name a replacement nominee, which saw you take the hot seat, and in return being evicted from the house. As a fan of the game, how upset were you that you were blindsided and couldn’t campaign for votes and try to win POV to keep yourself safe, or at the end of the day, are you content with being sent packing due to a twist in the game?
Going out without having the chance to fight was really hard. Seeing how I escaped eviction week 2, I knew I could do it again. With that being said, knowing that I couldn`t do anything and everything was out of my control made it easy on me emotionally because I don`t have an inner battle with myself saying `where did I go wrong`. I fell victim to a twist and it didn`t have much to do with my game.

If you could go back in the house, would you change anything about your game play?
I worked hard week 3 to perfect my game play, being on the block and surviving it gives you a new perspective. I felt really solid about the game I was playing and I have no doubt in my mind that it would have carried be further had there been no Power Shift.

Who do you think is playing the best game so far?
Right after leaving the house, I would say Liza because she was working the boys and none of them had clued in. However, the dark horses of this season and someone viewers really need to keep their eye on is Topaz and Talla. Both ladies are a lot smarter than they come across and their social games are on point.

Who do you think has the potential of winning the inaugural season of ‘Big Brother Canada’?
Right now, my money would be on Topaz or Talla, but things change every minute in that house, so I can`t wait to see who wins!

‘Big Brother Canada’ airs Wednesdays 8PM. Thursdays 10PM and Sundays 9PM exclusively on Slice TV.

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