Last night marked the end of Hollywood’s “Awards Season” with the most coveted awards show in motion picture history; The Academy Awards, hosted by Family Guy and TED creator Seth MacFarlane. The show even had a theme for the night – Musicals. Yes, musicals. We’ll get back to that a little later on in this post.

Right from the start, the live audience wasn’t sure whether to laugh or wince with Seth’s somewhat off-collar jokes and remarks. Let’s pout things into perspective though, as we mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post, this is the same man who created Family Guy, if Seth wasn’t true to himself and his audience and didn’t make such remarks, there would most likely would have been a backlash from fans and the hosting duties would have seemed extremely polished and fake. Either way, Seth had a lot riding on his shoulders to make the Oscars feel less “stuffy” and possibly more edgy, and that wasn’t a problem at all.

The broadcast focused on musical numbers with the cast of Chicago and Les Miserables contributing to the show as well as Adele, hitting the stage, performing the theme to 007’s Skyfall movie. Throughout the night we saw promotional teasers and build up for each movie nominated for the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar. Really, it was like any other Oscars past, a little less stuffy thanks to Seth, but at times some jokes between presenters seemed forced, rehearsed and very dry. As well as the feel and direction of the show sometimes choppy and at points seemed to not have a consistent flow. The Academy Awards however, are a night to celebrate motion pictures, and the academy did just that awarding Oscars to Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway. Quentin Tarantino, Daniel Day-Lewis and Christoph Waltz just to name a few.

Overall, for a 3 hour and 45 minute show, sure there are parts where the audience and viewers at home may not be fully captivated by what was going on at some points of the broadcast, and may also have changed the channel a time or two, but Seth MacFarlane was refreshing as host and did what he was hired to do. Present, tell jokes and keep the audience intrigued. Bottom line, the show was a ratings success, awards were handed out, people were thanked, fashion was talked about and movies were center stage. What more can you ask for from an awards show?

One thing that viewers at home weren’t able to see was the backstage press room, where winners would go after accepting their Oscar, and answer questions from the media. We came across this gem of ‘Best Actress’ winner Jennifer Lawrence. This is as real as real gets folks. In a world of fake pretentious Hollywood actors, it’s refreshing and simply amazing to watch her answer these questions.

For a complete list of winners, photos and to watch the entire broadcast online, make sure to visit The Oscars Official Site.

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