FRIENDS fans, hold on to your over-sized coffee mugs, because there will be a FRIENDS reunion this year…well, kinda. For those that may not be aware, Matthew Perry stars in a new hit comedy on NBC called GO ON. He plays a sports radio personality (Ryan King) who is forced into group therapy by his employer in order to deal with the sudden death of his wife. The show is brilliantly funny and Perry shines as a somewhat disgruntled but soft to the core sportscaster.

Perry’s secretary decides to set him up on a date, in hopes that he will start dating again and slowly move forward in life. So, who exactly does the secretary have in mind to set him up with? None other than his former FRIENDS co-star Courtney Cox. The two haven’t been together on the small screen since 2004.

The episode is currently scheduled to air in April and we couldn’t BE more excited!

**UPDATE** March 17, 2013

‘GO ON’ announced exclusively on Twitter that the upcoming show, which Courtney Cox will be guest starring in has been moved up the TV schedule and will air March 26th instead of April as previously reported. We can’t wait to see the former ‘FRIENDS’ costars sharing the screen again.

GO ON Twitter

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