The last couple of seasons, Mad Men have kept us on our toes, waiting for an announcement as to when each respective seasons would air. This time around, fans don’t have to wait much longer as Season Six has been confirmed.

The highly anticipated sixth season of AMC’s critically acclaimed, hit show; Mad Men will premiere on April 7, 2013 with a special 2-hour episode at 9/8c. The following week, the show will return to its regularly scheduled time at 10/9c. Sadly, for fans of the show (us included) Season 7 has been confirmed as the shows final season.

Creator Matt Wiener commented on the upcoming season, telling the Daily Beast: “I came in with my plan for the season. I was like, ‘I want to save that for the last season, I want to save that; I want to wait on that’ and I was pulled aside by Maria and Andre Jacquemetton, my executive producers, who said, ‘Don’t do that. You’ve never done that before. Let’s just use all the story that we have and we’ll deal with it on the other side of it.’ It really helped. Because I don’t want to change, part of it is superstition and part of it is the only way I know how to do it.

“I never had the guarantee of even one more season for the first few seasons I did the show. So I would just use all the story I had. And it’s a much better way to do it. It’s much better for the audience. It’s much more satisfying for us than going through some half-measure and wasting 13 episodes on a set-up. For what? For 13 more? I was told by my trusted co-workers that we should do the show the way we’ve always done it. And I think, as usual, I will probably be painted into a corner by the end of the season.”

Need a refresher? AMC will be re-airing Season 5 in its entirety beginning March 3 every Sunday morning leading up to the Season 6 premiere.

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