It will be February 27th before we know it and with just under one month away until Big Brother Canada debuts, the show has confirmed its host.

Slice (the Canadian network which will be airing the show) announced today the host for the much-anticipated Canadian version of the US hit show and the honor goes to Arisa Cox. If you’re a pop culture loving girl/guy and the name sounds familiar to you, it should. Arisa was formally on CBC and E! News.

Fans of the American version of Big Brother are wondering, how will Arisa’s hosting style differ from Julie Chen and her fourteen years as host. Arisa tackled that issue, telling ET Canada:

Julie comes at it from a very journalistic perspective. She wants to stay a little bit distant from what’s happening,” Arisa explains. “I’m emotional. I want to know the nitty-gritty. I want the gossip. If someone gets backstabbed, I want to know if they’re crying at night about it.

Want to know more about Arisa? ET Canada has a sit down interview with the newly appointed Big Brother Canada host tonight.

Check out the official promo with Arisa unveiled as host. Big Brother Canada airs February 27th on Slice!

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