Big Brother Canada and Shaw Media announced today on their official Twitter accounts that the show will be giving their fans the biggest multi-platform entertainment experience. This marks the inaugural season for the show in Canada, and the show is making sure fans are getting an amazing experience right out of the gate.

In the official press release, it has been noted that fans will have 24/7 live broadcast feed available to them …. wait for it …. for FREE!! This has typically been a service that has been paid for by our American Big Brother fans, as lives feeds are available at a cost online. The 24/7 live feed will be available on the shows official website, There will also be a huge emphasis on social engagement with fans and house guests on the show with the Big Brother Canada Power Play prediction game, which will be the best interactive platform to play along while watching the show. Each week viewers will be asked to predict who will win HOH (Head of Household) and the Power of Veto, along with who they believe will be voted out.

This is a terrific first step in the right direction for the show. As we all know, Big Brother has been successful because of its interaction between the show and their fans. Big Brother Canada is starting off on a hugely positive note and we believe this will mark the first season of many for the Canadian version of the reality show.

Big Brother Canada debuts February 27th on Slice TV.

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