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Another year has come and gone in a flash and just like every year before it, on December 31st we reflect on the year that was, and we here at POPGoesCULTURE.com are no different. We’re looking back at the top newsmakers of 2012 and covering all avenues of pop culture; movies, music, TV, reality TV and celebs. 2012 provided us with memorable stories, here are the ones that garnered all the buzz in 2012.



Psy 2012 was definitely the year where social media had a huge impact on the way people shared information and made new discoveries. One of these new discoveries was Korean pop star Psy and his song/music video “Gagnam Style”. Sure the video may have seemed weird at first but now, you can’t even turn on the radio or TV without hearing or seeing Psy belt out the famous line “Hey Sexy Lady!” or “Oppan Gagnam Style”. Psy is now a hit in North America, having made appearances on TODAY, SNL, Ellen (where he taught Ellen and Britney Spears the dance moves to the popular video), and the MTV Music Awards.


carly-rae-jepsenCarley Rae Jepsen exploded onto the scene in 2012 with her smash hit single “Call Me Maybe”. As we mentioned before, social media has really catapulted singers into the main stream spotlight and YouTube has been a big reason because of this. Carley Rae Jepsen’s official video has over 370 Million views on the video uploading social media site, with even famous characters from TV shows creating parody videos of their own. Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster even got into the act, parodying the song with his own version titled “Share It Maybe”.



The Avengers If any one statement could ring true for 2012 when it comes to the movie landscape, it’s that super hero, action packed flicks dominated the competition and soared to box office heights nobody has seen before. This is especially true with our top pick for movie newsmaker of the year; ‘The Avengers’. The summer blockbuster grossed over $623 million dollars.



The Dark Knight Rises  Sure, ‘The Avengers’ is our number one movie pick for movie of the year, but we couldn’t make this list without mentioning the second highest grossing film; ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. The movie was the most hyped summer blockbuster of the year and rightfully so, grossing over $448 million dollars at the box office. This was the last instalment for Christopher Nolan’s take on the caped crusader, and thousands flocked to theaters to see the epic conclusion.



The Walking Dead

2012 saw a lot of new TV shows make their way onto the network landscape, but none captivated viewers interests than ‘The Walking Dead’. The show aired its third season ans (spoiler alert) saw Rick almost go to the brink of insanity, the death of a couple major characters. It seemed as if everybody was talking about the show. Even people who hadn’t followed from the very beginning were talking about “that zombie show:” and how intriguing, gory and intense it was. The show took its mid-season break before the holidays but no fear, it is set to return this February on AMC.



‘Homeland’ officially debuted in 2011 but the show garnered tons of buzz in 2012 and was even parodied on ‘Saturday Night Live’, which is the unofficial confirmation that you are relevant in the world of pop culture. For those that don’t watch the show or are unfamiliar with it, the show’s official IMDb description reads: Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) return home eight years after going missing in Iraq. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), a driven CIA office, suspects he might be plotting an attack against America.




BBCanadaReality TV clogged up our TV channels in 2012. Whether it was another season of ‘Survivor’ or the guilty pleasure of ‘Bachelor Pad’ it seems as if reality tv ruled the world this past year. For us the reality TV story that captured our attention was the announcement that ‘Big Brother’ is finally making their debut up north, bringing the popular American version of the reality TV show to Canada! We’re positive this time next year, ‘Big Brother Canada’ will make our 2013 Year in Review list as it is poised to already be one of the top reality shows of the new year (before it has even debuted).


Honey Boo Boo We couldn’t mention reality tv shows that were making waves in the world of pop culture without even talking about ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’. This little girl has captured the imagination of the United States and has even coined her own catch phrase “You better redneckognize!”. TLC even paid the family an advance (without them even asking) as the show was the network’s number one rated primetime show. It seems as if though nobody is getting sick Honey Boo Boo (at least not yet) as the pageant contestant made her rounds on TMZ Live, Ellen and Anderson Cooper, just to name a few.



Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

When it comes to celebrities it unfortunately seems as though we as a population crave the negative news that impacts their lives and in return, we can’t get enough of it. This rings true with our top news making celebrities of 2012.The Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split was one of the biggest stories of 2012. Mostly in part because over years and years there were numerous jokes about Katie being “trapped” by Tom and the Church of Scientology. At times near the end of their split, Katie looked noticeably thinner and unhappy, almost as if the life had been completely sucked out of her. Everything seemed picture perfect on the outside, but Katie leaving Tom caught everyone by surprise and was one of the most talked about celebrity stories of 2012.


Whitney Houston

The celebrity story that shocked us all in 2012 was by far the death of pop diva, Whitney Houston. The singer had her documented brush with drug use while she was married to Bobby Brown but in recent years it seemed as though she had kicked the bucket for good, was dating and had projects in the works, including a movie which came out shortly after her death. The singer was found in her hotel room and had overdosed on medication. The news came to a shock to everyone. The pop diva’s life was celebrated throughout the year at awards shows including The Grammy’s, which she had performed every year at the pre-Grammy party hosted by her manager Clive Davis. Whitney’s passing was another example of talent taken from us too soon. Her music and legacy however, will last forever.



50 Shades of Grey Yes, we’re just as shocked as you are that we’re writing about a book on our pop culture loving site, but let’s face it, we’d be stupid not to. Fifty Shades of Grey was a huge summer time read and had ladies scurrying to book stores nationwide to pick up a copy. The book follows Christian Grey’s sexual exploits. He’s a well dressed, handsome man who has fun with his female sexual partners (to say the least). It has also been confirmed that the book will be coming to the big screen. Rumours are still running wild as to which hollywood actor will portray the main character; but names like Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth have made their rounds through Hollywood.


Thanks for reading our 2012 Year in Review: Newsmakers list. What are your thoughts about our picks for each category? Agree or disagree? Be heard and let us know in the comment section below.

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